Miniatures Battle Variant for Three Players: Down in Front

Most miniatures war games usually revolve around battles between two opposing forces. But what do you do when you have three interested players?

Here’s my suggestion for a game style based on an all-out free-for-all, but with scoring mechanics to encourage shifting targets and a back-and-forth battle.

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Custom Firearms for Shadowrun 4th Edition

Previously I posted a couple of custom pistols made using Shadowrun 3rd Edition rules. This time around I’ve updated them for Shadowrun 4th Edition (using the weapon modification rules in Arsenal).

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Custom Firearms for Shadowrun

After a bit of mail from a Shadowrun 3rd edition fan, I dug these bad boys out of my archives. Here’s two pieces of heavy artillery (all right, heavy pistols) for the firearm enthusiast on your team!

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More than Four Players (and the Gaming Sweet Spot)

Ever notice how some games are great, until you try them with a different number of players? Maybe this game works best with three while another one only works really well with more than four players, despite what it says on the box about supporting two to six.

I’ll take a look at the sweet spot for a few games and why I think these games work well (or don’t work at all) with more players, plus some suggestions on how they might be improved to scale for a larger group.

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Silent Death: First Impressions

Silent Death: the Next Millennium Deluxe Edition

While I’ve had Silent Death: the Next Millennium for a while, I recently had my first opportunity to play it. In short order I discovered the qualities which gave it the reputation for being a fast-moving, easy-to-play, and exciting space combat miniatures game.

What follows is my brief description of the game’s contents, rules, how it felt playing for the first time, and why I’m very eager for a rematch!

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Hero Brigade in Final Stretch on Kickstarter

As I type this the Kickstarter project for Hero Brigade stands at 62 hours remaining. Less than three days left.

But let’s back up a moment. What’s Hero Brigade? Who’s behind this project? Why would I want to give them dozens of dollars or more, you ask?

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Shadowrun Returns on Kickstarter

Shadowrun creator Jordan Weisman, and a cadre of developers, are making a new Shadowrun computer game. Their Kickstarter project very quickly reached the initial funding goal, and now they’re setting their sights on expanded goals.

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Variable Speed Torpedoes in Silent Death: Millennium Ship Builder

Time for another release of the Ship Builder for Silent Death – now with support for variable speed torpedoes!

Here’s the list of changes in version 1.3:

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Millennium Ship Builder v1.2 Released for Silent Death

The Millennium Ship Builder just became a tiny bit better.

Here’s the goods on what has changed since version 1.0.1:

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Millennium Ship Builder v1.0

I’m happy to announce the latest version of the ship builder for Silent Death. Newly dubbed Millennium Ship Builder has hit 1.0! And I’ve added one of the most important features yet: ship designs can be saved as URLs!

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