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Shadowrun 3rd Edition Character Sheet

Shadowrun 3rd Edition Character Sheet
Download Shadowrun 3rd Edition Character Sheet

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How to Succeed at a Magic the Gathering Pre-release

With Lorwyn days away, friends are asking me how they should prepare for the pre-release tournament of this new Magic expansion. The answer is essentially the same as for any other expansion set, and I’ll cover the bases for everyone looking to get the most out of the experience.

First of all tournament newbies often ask when to show up and what to expect. The details vary a bit by location, and the best way to find out is to check with your nearest tournament organizer. What I can tell you about is the tournament itself.

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Role Playing Game to Movie Matchups

Pen and paper RPGs have always had a strong relationship with movies. Play in some games (and with some gamemasters) tends to embody a heightened cinematic style. Most role playing games are influenced by at least a few cult movies, and some even state their influences openly. Then of course players often draw heavily on characters in books and movies for their own in-game persona, or when visualizing specific scenes.

One of the best uses of these rpg-to-movie tie-ins is to quickly communicate the style of a game to a new, or prospective, player. Relating a game to movies that share its themes can give the player an instant feel for what the world can be like, and immediately conjure images of cool characters and scenes that they will enjoy reenacting or using for inspiration.

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Dragon Dice Kicker Packs #1: Amazons and Monsters for Sale

Dragon Dice is a great game that I recently got back into, in a big way. In fact, I was a bit overzealous in my buying and now I’ve got more Amazons and Monsters than I need.

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Magic: the Gathering Deckbuilding Tips

Here are some useful deckbuilding tips for novices I’ve learned over the years, generally applicable strategies for most any deck design, though some of these tips are slanted toward multiplayer Magic.


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Indie Games, Wizards, and Gleemax

There’s an interesting post by Randy Buehler, the new VP of Digital Gaming at Wizards, on his blog at Gleemax. Halfway down he describes their upcoming Indie Strategy Game Portal.

Being recently introduced to Gleemax, which is still in its infancy as a gaming community site, I’m undecided about its prospects as a game portal. On one hand, there is the question of objectivity. Will Wizards be able to promote games made by others alongside their own offerings, without bias? On the other hand, as the makers of Magic and D&D (among others) they have an enormous following and recognition, which may provide a built-in fanbase. Especially as they seek to support their newest iteration of D&D (and magazines Dragon and Dungeon) with moves into the online sphere and bring more of their gaming to the web.

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Wreckage Game Review and House Rules

Wreckage Board Game

Wreckage by Fantasy Flight Games takes place on post-apocalyptic Mad Max-style desert highways. The art and design of the cards and game pieces are superb, readily setting the stage for car combat mayhem despite the game’s threadbare story.

Playing the game with my group did not, however, unlock the fun that its impressive-looking components suggested. Rather it revealed another case of style over substance. Yet it feels like there is some potential within this game, unrealized by the rules, waiting to be released.

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Welcome to Pair O’ Dice Games

Pair O’ Dice Games has a brand new games blog! Written by a couple of veteran gamers, it’ll feature gaming articles on topics like:

  • Game reviews
  • House rules and game rules variants
  • Role playing story, adventure, and character ideas
  • Game strategies
  • Game design

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