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Magic the Gathering: Removing Problems

What do you do with a little weekend insomnia? Well, if you were me, you might play some Magic. Then you might also draft a deck with lots of removal and try to remove, well, pretty much everything, up to and including your opponent if need be.

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Scion RPG First Impressions: Late to the party but I brought Pizzerias!

For those that don’t remember Pizzerias were a Doritos-like chip that were way better than Doritos. In other words, if someone actually brought them, that person should be excused for being late.

Yes that’s right, I’m late. Scion has been out for a good long while now and the follow up books to Scion: Hero (which is what this review is actually about) Scion: Demigod and Scion: God are already out as well. Perhaps if this was a review of Scion: God it would feel a bit less dated but since I have not read that book and I am writing about the game concept as I see it as a whole this will have to do. Now, I haven’t played a session of the game yet so this isn’t exactly a “review” per se but rather a collection of initial impressions. Most importantly I wanted to make statements as to what I think Scion is and what it is not and give you an idea of whether or not to look into the game further.

Scion RPG Overview

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How it All Began (for Me at Least)

I was young, and had never… played D&D before, or any other role playing game. But every seasoned gamer gets their start somewhere, and this is how I developed my interest in gaming.

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Life is a Four Letter Word

I haven’t posted in what feels like forever but I have been dying to get back into it. My job took an interesting turn recently that resulted in me having slightly less free time than I am use to but did cut down on my stress levels a bit. Combining that with my new pets (three rats named Bartleby, Loki, and Rufus, of whom I plan to get some pictures of up here at some point) I have been a bit busy as of late. Perhaps not as busy as Scott but I’ll let him talk about that if he so chooses.

Before the holidays I posted about some of my picks for best party games. I would like to add two more to that list as I now own them and have played them both several times.

Wits and Wagers

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