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Minimum Wage Goes Live

It’s finally up! I would love to hear back from anyone who has a chance to play it or even if you just look over the cards.

More info about the creation of Minimum Wage will be up soon so keep coming back!

Gonzo! from Minimum Wage 40 Hour Deck

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How Best to Print Out Minimum Wage

So it’s finally out (announcement here). Phew, it has been a long road to get here but I have finally managed to get Minimum Wage up on the blog for any and all who would like to download and check it out. If you haven’t see it yet, just click here.

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Catalyst Games and Wizkids Properties

This isn’t exactly news at this point (it was posted a week ago) but I thought I should direct your attention to it anyway. One week ago Catalyst Game Labs announced that it has made an offer to The Topps Company to purchase “various WizKids’ properties, including such dynamic game lines as HeroClix, the Pirates Pocket Model Game, BattleTech/MechWarrior, and Shadowrun“.

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Minimum Wage Pre-Release Primer

I feel a little bad about the rather minimal time I have spent working on this blog lately and while I have reasons for my absence I can’t say they were all good reasons. Feel free to read my tangent along the side for a bit more info on that.

The one good reason I have not been working on this is that I have been working on it, that is to say, I have been working on the final touches to Minimum Wage!

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Eclipse Phase – On the Horizon

I was checking out some Shadowrun stuff recently when I noticed a mention of Catalyst’s new upcoming SF/Horror game Eclipse Phase.

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Dungeons and Dragons – Character Builder Beta

So the Character Builder Beta was released to those who have subscribed to D&DI, and being one of those willing to fork over the bucks I was able to download it and check it out. Personally I can’t say I was impressed but then I doubt they could have impressed me.

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Magic Q&A: Deathbringer Liege

Time to tackle a Magic: the Gathering rules question.

Q: My opponent has one creature, untapped. I have a Deathbringer Liege in play. If I play a black and white spell, can I destroy my opponent’s creature?

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Make Sure to Vote – A Quick Off Topic Comment

I’ve been wondering for a while about how much politics are appropriate on a blog like this and in general I have come to the conclusion that it should be as little as possible. I admit that if I were the sole operator of this blog more political commentary would pop up but as it is it feels like I should try to keep my non-gaming personal beliefs out of the way.

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CCGs the Fun Way, Part 1: Friendly League Play

Ever since Magic: the Gathering first became popular, there has been a problem playing CCGs casually with a group of friends: someone spends their way to victory, which triggers an arms race until everyone is either left in the dust or spending way too much on a “casual” game.

In this article I’ll offer some tips on how to enjoy collectible card games with friends, without breaking the bank.

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