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Small World – Intrigued and Excited

I have been following Small World, a new game coming from Days of Wonder, for a couple weeks now and I wanted to put up a couple links to some information about it.

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Alhambra – Review

I’ve been a bit busy the past few weeks and I am falling even further behind in my game reviewing. Today, thankfully, is a bit slower than some (I don’t have to work through lunch today for a change and I should even get out on time!) so I figured I should finally get around to writing up the long anticipated review of Alhambra.

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A Nice Collection of Skill Challenges

I just wanted to link to Critical Hits in the same way that I linked to The Core Mechanic as they both linked to my skill challenge example.

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Dominion Promo Cards at BGG

I already mentioned that BGG was going to be distributing the Envoy card for Dominion but I just noticed today that the Geek is now taking orders and not only do you get your Envoy cards (10 plus 1 for randomizing) for your 1 cent plus 4.99 shipping but you also get a copy of Black Market.

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On the Brink of Paragon: Some Thoughts on D&D 4th Edition

Last night my group reached level 11 in our Dungeons and Dragons campaign. We have been playing this same game since early last June, giving us over eight months of play time so far. If the next two tiers go at a comparable speed we will reach the end of the whole campaign (should we see it to its conclusion) at right about the two-year mark.

Overall I have enjoyed the new D&D quite a bit and I just thought it would be interesting to comment on a few of my observations as we have just reached a major milestone in the game.

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Thomass Lehmann – Past, Present, Future

I have been thinking of doing a couple posts on game designers and how their designs evolve and such over the years but I just wanted to get this tidbit out here now.

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Boardgame News – Check it Out

I just signed up for a year long membership over at Boardgame News. I highly recommend that those interested in board games pay the rather small amount of cash to support the efforts of Eric Martin.

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Path to Victory – Scrap Heaps Game Development

Recently I dug up an old game prototype I made for a card game called Scrap Heaps. There were a number of reasons I liked the overall design, but looking over the game again after years have passed I noticed some rough spots.

In this post I’ll touch upon the design of Scrap Heaps and go over one of the problems I aim to solve as I take it through the game development process.

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A Lazy Way to Link You to Cool Stuff

So, whenever I find something game-related that I think is really cool I like to write a post about it and link to it. I did this with Obsidian Portal, Brettspielwelt and others. Today while I was popping around I found another blog that does this as a weekly thing and has it far better organized than my rather erratic posts.

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Totems, Totems, Totems! – Wizards Previews the Shaman

The first three levels of the Shaman are up for Insider members over at Wizards site and I have to say it looks pretty interesting and gives us four options for the Leader slot once the PH2 comes out (Cleric, Warlord, Bard and Shaman).

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My Brief Return to Magic

Sunday Morning found me awake fairly early. Recently I have been sleeping better and thus sleeping in but this Sunday the alarm went off at our normal weekday wake up time and I never got back to sleep.

So, I wandered downstairs looking for something to do and decided to sign on to Magic Online and after a bit of waffling I decided to give it a go.

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