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Pandemic: On the Brink Rules Available

I already Twittered about this but I decided I wanted to write a bit more after reading through the rules, which can be found here.

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Galaxy Trucker – First Impressions

Over the weekend I received Galaxy Trucker as an early birthday gift from one of my friends and I wanted to take a few minutes to write about it (see side bar).

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Exploring Fun and Game Complexity

Sometimes it’s the simple games.

Recently I bought a house and moved. It’s great that my wife and I own our living space… but moving sucks. We’re unpacked but I’m still very busy, getting things taken care of around the house, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. Lasting disruption, basically.

I’m not sure if it’s that disruption or the weeks without gaming, but this past weekend I played some simple games with my group… and had a lot of fun doing it, even though I’m usually biased toward complex gameplay.

Let’s take a look at the desire for complexity in games and how it relates to fun.

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Recently my life has felt rather chaotic and not in the old “chaotic good” kind of way but more in the “completely confused or disordered” kind of way from I don’t really want to go into my problems, everyone has problems of their own of course, but it did kind of make me think about something I have been missing recently in games: chaos.

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Tom Lehmann’s Review of Dominion – An Example of Something I Would Twitter

Scott has been looking into getting Twitter set up on this blog. One of the main reasons I have been asking for it is things like this post. Generally these posts are simply things I have found amusing and thus wanted to share but often don’t because I don’t feel as though they deserve a full “post”.

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Dave Arneson Passes Away at 61

Dave Arneson has passed away. Just the other day The Escapist had a posting about Arneson, who some believed had already passed. Unfortunately after a two year battle with cancer Arneson has indeed left this world.

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Eight Player Dominion?

A while back it was mentioned on one of the BGG forums that Dominion: Intrigue would have rules for playing with up to eight players but that the eight would be divided into two “tables” of players. I made some kind of snide comment (you can search for it if you want) saying that the rules would be “to play with eight players, divide the Kingdom Cards in half and play two games!” but after popping over to Rio Grande today I noticed that yes, indeed, they are touting Dominion as an eight-player game.

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Amazon Wish List – What Games I’m Looking at and Why

Recently I put together an Amazon Wish List and, lo and behold, it has a bunch of games on it!

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D&D – Hybrid Characters Playtest

Wizards has posted a playtest article for what they call Hybrid Characters, if you’re an Insider member you can check it out.

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New Rats

This is truly a bit of randomness but I really don’t care. Anyone that knows me knows I love rats. I find them to be incredibly fascinating animals that are also amazing pets. Recently my wife and I adopted two new baby rats that will be joining Bartleby and Rufus shortly. For now they are in a separate cage.

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Dominion Card I Would Like to See

Everyone who plays Dominion has a few ideas of what they think would be cool to add to the mix of kingdom cards. Pat and I were discussing a few ideas a while back and thought it would be neat to have a card called Sheriff that was basically a moat that gave treasure instead of cards. I think we agreed that it would most likely be a 3 cost card that gave two treasure but had the Moat reaction ability. Seems, at a glance, like this would be a decent card and we found it pretty thematic.

I was thinking about some card ideas and came up with a card I would like to see in the next next expansion (Seaside).

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Dominion: Intrigue – French Magazine Previews Three Cards

So for those of you who are like me and are eagerly awaiting the next Dominion expansion we have three of the cards that will be appearing in it. I have spoken a lot about Dominion and its expansions in the past. Here are the cards:

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