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The Dice Tower Gaming Awards

The Dice Tower has announced their Gaming Awards for 2008 and I wanted to comment on them briefly.

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More Thoughts About Reviewing Games

In my Review of Reviews post I touched upon some of my thoughts on reviewing games. As I have been thinking more about game reviews lately I felt like addressing some of these thoughts.

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Market of Alturien Review

Market of Alturien box cover

Market of Alturien feels like a new twist on a familiar classic, sort of a more-skill-less-luck Monopoly if you will. After having played it several times I’ll provide a brief review of the game and how I feel about it.

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The State of My Gaming Life: 2009

Just over a year ago I wrote a post that I called The State of My Gaming Life. It was basically a rundown of all the gaming I was doing at the time. Honestly it was pretty self indulgent and rather pointless but kind of fun to write and neat to look back upon.

My goal is to continue this annual posting so that I (and others if they so desire) can look back and see what has changed and so that those who wish to understand a bit more about me as I write about other topics have this information available to them.

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More Dominion Intrigue Info

We already have a pretty good idea where they are trying to take Dominion from the discussions and comments over at BGG but we get an even clearer look from the three cards previewed in Finland and translated by some fine folks for us.

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Pair O’ Dice and Pair-of-Dice

Thanks to a BGN post I have learned that there is a game company out there called Pair-of-Dice. With our names being so similar and the fact that they too offer Print and Play games I thought I should throw a link up for them.

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Cosmic Encounter – First Impressions

cosmic encounter

I toyed with the idea of calling this Cosmic Encounter post something else since really these are not my “first impressions”. Cosmic Encounter was originally published in 1977 (the same year I was published, for those interested) by Eon. It has since seen versions from West End Games, Mayfair Games, Avalon Hill, and now Fantasy Flight Games.

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Small World – First Impressions

small world game

Continuing my marathon of new game additions I recently received Small World as a gift. As I mentioned in my Galaxy Trucker post I want to give First Impressions of all the games I play and then later on (assuming I play the game enough to give a decent review) write a Review of the game. So, this article is about my First Impressions of Small World.

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New Host

For the past few weeks the site has been acting up, courtesy of our [previous] web host. My apologies to our readers and contributors.

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