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Dominion: Seaside – A bit of info

Just an interesting tidbit from the Dominion: Intrigue instruction book.

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Revenant Released for D&DI Subscribers

If you have a D&DI subscription you can head over to and check out Revenants.

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2008 Meeples Choice Awards

Spielfrieks user group, of which I am now a member, has narrowed their choices for the Meeples Choice Award down to 25 selections. The original lists were quite extensive so while this may still look a bit unwieldy it’s certainly better than what came before.

The list is as follows:

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A couple weeks ago I decided to take a break from my Dungeons and Dragons game. I love the system, it’s such a vast improvement over 3.x (for me anyway) that I can hardly consider them the same game at all. Still, running a game can be stressful and I’ve been pretty tired lately.

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More Intrigue – Rules Released on Rio Grande’s Site

So, now we have the answers to all of our speculations. Dominion: Intrigue is a bit less intriguing in that all the cards are available for your perusal and in addition the rules have been released in pdf format on Rio Grande’s site.

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Battlestar Galactica Expansion Announced

Since we started playing BSG The Board Game (and boy have we played it, I would say we have played this game more than any other recently) we have bantered about “the expansion”. Mind you no expansion had been announced but hey, it’s Fantasy Flight there HAS to be an expansion coming.

Well… now it’s official!

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Dominion: Intrigue

All of the new cards for Dominion have been posted on BGG. I suggest you get over there and check them out and then come back here and comment. I know that’s what I plan to do!

Layout Update: Right Sidebar

Small changes going on this time at Pair O’ Dice Games. I’ve added a sidebar on the right (yeah, dramatic, huh?).

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Battlestar Galactica – First Impressions


Just so we are clear this is about the game Battlestar Galactica and not either of the two TV series. The game is simply called Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game however so it’s possible it could be a bit confusing.

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Three More Dominion: Intrigue Cards Revealed

Tric Trac a French online game magazine has posted three more Dominion cards.

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Small World Design Contest

This is pretty cool! Days of Wonder is having a design contest for Small World. Many of us had already assumed that there would be some kind of expansion for the game and it does indeed look like the company has plans for this.

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D&DI Exlusive Content

Today Wizards announced some new stuff coming soon to D&D Insider. In addition to the (already mentioned) Players Handbook 3 content that will be pre-released on D&D Insider, the insider will have an exclusive race and an exclusive class that, according to Bill Slavicsek, will never appear in any book.

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