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A Few Games on the Horizon

Since my return from Origins I have been distracted, both by the myriad of games I have been playing and by the piles of work that seemed to amass from simply taking two days off. I have a few posts I would like to write but I have simply not had the time to focus on them and get them done. Still I wanted to take a little bit of time and write about three games that are on my radar.

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Origins 2009 Post-Con Report

Origins exhibit hall

Last weekend I went with Josh and a couple long-time friends to Columbus, OH for this year’s Origins gaming convention. It was the first big convention for most of us, and I snapped a few pictures to commemorate the event as well as bringing back some thoughts and observations that might be of interest to anyone who considered going but didn’t make it (and possibly to those who did make it as well).

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Snow Tails – First Impressions

Compared to some of my First Impressions posts this will probably be pretty short. It’s not that Snow Tails is any less deserving of space but rather it’s more that the game is fairly simple to describe. I have to admit that this is one of the reasons I decided to do this post today.

There are several other games (Le Havre for example) I have played recently that I feel the need to either put up in a First Impressions post or write a full scale review about, but most of them (again Le Havre comes to mind) would take up a lot of time to discuss. Since I sort of feel that I am still recovering from Origins (and the pile of work that I came back to after being away for a couple of days) I didn’t want to tackle anything too extravagant.

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