Two gamers are better than one.

Game Designer Scott

Josh: Life is like a game, you need to learn to enjoy it even when you’re losing.

It is common misconception, among those that know him, that Josh, in fact, hates everything. In truth he only dislikes most things, saving his boiling hatred for those special items that truly deserve his contempt. One thing that Josh does not hate is games.

Amusing to some Josh works as a Placement Specialist and wears a suit to work every day. While helping people find jobs is meaningful to him games are his true passion.

Josh plays card games, board games, video games, and role playing games equally and is always willing to try something new. Josh use to play Magic Online regularly but has stepped aside from it for the moment.

Need to get in touch? You can also email Josh.

Game Designer Scott

Scott is a mild-mannered programmer by day, and a card- and dice-slinging fiend every Saturday night. Well, not of the gambling persausion, more of the Magic and board games persausion.

He is a Johnny at heart, loves the card combos and machine decks, often a bit too much for his own good.

Most weekends Scott plays the current Magic block in a limited multiplayer environment, intermingled with a continually rotating selection of board games and card games. Plus the occasional stint of role playing.

He is also secretly working on a board game for the web (shhh…).

For those contact purposes which commenting on a post is too indirect or public, you can email Scott.

Together, they are… Wylde Stall- no, wait, they’re the guys behind Pair O’ Dice Games!