Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition – Solo Monster – Necro Infused Orc

After my first attempt at making a solo monster I was left frustrated and disappointed but after starting a post on the official forums and reading what others had to say about solos I decided not to give up. Instead I refocused and began working on a couple new ideas for solo monsters. Below you will find the stats for the first of these solos.

While the Necro Infused Orc does not solve the dazed problem entirely, he certainly has more to do with a single action than my last solo did. This being one of the major pieces of advice I received, I wanted to make certain to include it in my second creation. I also wanted to make certain that there was reason to be close to the monster as well as reason not to be close. While I don’t think that something like this can be included in every solo I do feel that it makes this particular solo fairly interesting.

The idea behind the Necro Infused Orc is tied to the game I am currently running. Essentially there is this black viscous substance oozing up from an unknown source and seeping into the old catacombs. An Orc from one of the local tribes was unfortunate enough to become trapped in a room with no food or water but plenty of this strange substance. This individual decided to eat/drink the substance (Let’s just say “ingest” -Scott) in hopes of keeping himself alive. Unfortunately, he got half of what he wanted.

Now the Orc appears as a massive pustule-covered undead version of his former self. When struck in close combat the pustules burst and cover his skin, adding to the aura that surrounds him, but when struck at range the pustules leap out at the attacker and form a Necrotic Minion at the attacker’s feet. These minions are not intelligent but follow the Necro Infused Orc on instinct.

The orc has little mind left and only wishes to escape, perhaps even reuniting with his clan (not that they would ever accept him). There are powerful undead forces in the world that would be very interested in finding this creature and using it for their own ends.

Necro Infused Orc

Level 4 Solo Brute

Medium Humanoid (Undead)

XP 1000

Initiative +3

Senses Perception +1; darkvision

Aura of Taint (Necrotic) Aura 2; All living creatures that enter the aura or begin their turn in the aura take 5 Necrotic damage. Any healing surge spent while in the aura causes Necro Infused Orc to regain 5 Hit Points.

HP 232; Bloodied 116

AC 17; Fortitude 19, Reflex 15, Will 12
Immune disease, poison; Resist 10 necrotic; Vulnerable 5 radiant
Saving Throws +5
Speed 6
Action Points 2

M Melee (standard; at-will) * Weapon (Great Axe)

+10 vs. AC; 1d12 + 5 damage.(1d12 +17 Crit)

M Warriors Surge (standard; encounter, usable only while bloodied) * Weapon (Great Axe), Healing

+10 vs. AC; 1d12 + 5 damage.(1d12 +17 Crit), Necro Infused Orc regains 58 Hit Points on a hit.

M Arcing Strike (standard; at-will) * Weapon (Great Axe)

+10 vs. AC; 1d12 + 5 damage.(1d12 +17 Crit) Against two targets adjacent to the Necro Induced Orc

c Necrotic Sweep (standard; recharge 6) * Burst

Close Burst 1, +10 vs. AC; 1d12 + 5 damage.(1d12 +17 Crit) targets are knocked prone and take 5 Necrotic Damage/round (Save Ends)

Necrotic Spawn (immediate; reaction)

When Necro Infused Orc is wounded by an enemy that is not adjacent to him an arc of Necrotic power follows the attack back to its source and spawns a Necrotic Minion. Necrotic Minions act immediately after the Necro Infused Orc

Disruption (free; encounter)

When reduced to ½ Bloodied Hit Points, Necro Infused Orc dissolves into the ground and reforms 5 spaces away

Alignment Evil

Languages Common

Skills Athletics +10

Str 20 (+7)

Dex 12 (+3)

Wis 8 (+1)

Con 18 (+6)

Int 8 (+1)

Cha 10 (+2)

Necrotic Minion

Level 2 Minion

Small Ooze (undead)

XP 31

Initiative +2

Senses Perception +0

HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion.

AC 15; Fortitude 16, Reflex 11, Will 11
Speed 4

M Melee (standard; at-will) * Weapon

+7 vs. AC; 3 damage.

Flowing Form (movement)

Necrotic Minion shifts 4 spaces

Alignment Evil

Languages Common

Skills None

Str 16 (+3)

Dex 12 (+2)

Wis 8 (+0)

Con 14 (+2)

Int 10 (+1)

Cha 10 (+1)

I hope you like the idea, feel free to comment on it. Most of my players found the combat with this guy more interesting than the combat with the last and while I don’t think he did as much raw damage as the first solo he still felt far more effective.


    I made a few adjustments based on comments from the forums. I changed his Warrior Surge into an Encounter Power that restores HP equal to a healing surge (which makes a lot more sense than the randome “20” HP I originally used). I also made his Arcing Strike an at-will power as I think he should always be able to attack two targets and, since I felt he should have at least one recharge power I made his Necrotic Sweep a recharge 6. It probably wont recharge and if it does… its pretty nasty but this guy is meant to be pretty scary.


    Here is the link to the post on the forums about this monster.