Rorschach – The Inkblot Party Game – Review

After my review of Dominion I thought I would turn to a less-than-stellar game that I recently added to my collection, namely Rorschach.

Most people probably know that Rorschach, besides being a character from Watchmen is a test that uses ink blots given by psychologists to determine personality characteristics and garner emotional information. It is also used to determine if someone is psychotic or not so I guess it really needed to be made into a party game!


The game comes with:

  • 64 Tokens in 8 different colors
  • A deck of 50 double sided inkblot cards
  • A deck of 50 questions
  • 7 tokens numbered 1 – 7
  • 8 8-sided dice in 8 different colors (which you never roll…)
  • Rule book

Before the game begins the players deal out a number of ink blots equal to one less than the number of players, and number each ink blot. Then the game begins with the first question being flipped up. The questions range from the more obvious such as “Which one reminds you of yourself?” to the more bizarre “Which one fades into the background?” and players use their 8-sided die to answer the question in secret. Then the players reveal their answers and get tokens for the players they matched with. If a player matches with no other players they take a token of their own. To win the game a player must have a token from every player, including themselves.

Is That It?

Yeah, pretty much. The game can actually go quite quickly if a lot of players agree on any particular question as they will all have each others’ tokens. The real fun of the game seems to be in explaining your answers but as the game itself does not call for this and some players may not be interested in doing so this might not happen at all.

My Take on Rorschach

Basically I feel that as far as party games go this game is fairly weak. I have written about quite a number of party games and frankly this game probably comes in last out of all of them. I wanted to like it as I liked the idea of using ink blots in a game (I always thought they were cool when i was a kid) but the game just doesn’t end up being all that much fun.

Add to this the fact that some of the questions elicit no real response from players and thus end up feeling rather random.

I should say that when playing Apples to Apples without rejecting answers one at a time I feel much as I did while playing Rorschach. There simply wasn’t enough to laugh about and enjoy which is the basic reason I play a party game. The reason I mention this is that it seems the scoring could have been handled differently and thus created an environment where discussion was more easily included in the game.

Perhaps if the cards were not double-sided you could simply turn Rorschach into Apples to Apples by having one player ask the question and the others hand them the ink blot from their hands that they think best answers that question. This approach would appeal to me more as there would be more to focus on but with the cards being double-sided house ruling it does not seem possible.


I really don’t have much else to say about this little game. It was cheap, under $20, which does put it in as one of the more inexpensive party games I own but if the game isn’t going to see play then it hardly seems as though that matters. I do think that the 8+ for the suggested ages might be a part of it and think that younger players who are still fascinated by ink blots might get more out of this game.

So, while I really can’t recommend this game for purchase I don’t think it should be avoided if someone else pulls it off their shelf and asks you to play, especially if you are looking for a quick game that younger players will enjoy.

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    Joe Meister Says:

    We played this game a few months ago, and it fell flat with most of the group.
    It depended in a large part on who was best able to manipulate the group dynamics.
    I did fine, but Mike not-so-much.


    So this is what you guys get up to when I’m not around. You probably have your own Rock Band that I’m not a part of either 🙁