Say Anything Review – Simple and Fun but Maybe Missing the Pop

Say Anything Box Cover

I’ve discussed and reviewed a lot of party games over the past year and this is another game that falls in that category. Say Anything is the newest game from North Star Games, the company that brought you Wits and Wagers, discussed briefly in my Life is a Four Letter Word post. While the game doesn’t really play the same, Wits and Wagers is a trivia game where Say Anything is not, you can certainly see the similarities.

What’s in the Box

The contents of the Say Anything box are not immediately impressive. You get dry erase pens and small colored dry erase boards (like in Wits and Wagers), colored tokens (two of each color) that match the dry erase boards, and a whole mess of cards with questions on them. You also get a score card with each color represented for determining who wins (not that that matters all that much in a game like this), and the SELECT-O-MATIC 5000 which is basically a spinner that is used to select your answer secretly before revealing it to all players.

How the Game Works

Players take turns drawing a card and reading any one of the questions on that card. According to the RAW (Rules As Written) players can choose any question from the card they have drawn, however I can see some groups finding it more amusing to make the person choose one of the questions randomly.

The questions range from “What is the most overrated band of all time?” to “What am I thinking right now?”. The other players then answer the question with an aim toward what the person who asked it might actually say in answer to the question. Unlike some games of this sort (Apples to Apples or What Were You Thinking? come to mind) answers are placed face up as soon as they are written and no answer can be repeated. If two answers are the same the second player must write something else. This certainly encourages speed without the need for the timer though the last person can then drag their heels a bit.

Once all answers are on the table the player who asked the question uses the SELECT-O-MATIC 5000 to secretly pick their “best” answer. Once they have selected the other players place their markers on answers. They can place both markers on one answer or split their markers between two answers. The player whose turn it is then reveals their choice and points are awarded.

The scoring system is as simple as the rest of the game. The player whose turn it is gets one point for each person that chose the answer they chose (up to three) and players get one point for each token they put on the right answer and a bonus point if they wrote the right answer (thus also a max of three). The scores are tallied and then it’s time for the next person to ask a question.

The game ends when players have asked a predetermined number of questions, as many as three in smaller games but the game never goes for more than twelve rounds. Simple.

My Take on Say Anything

I like this game. It’s simple, fast, easy to play and has a bit more skill than something like Apples to Apples. Apples to Apples is a great game but often answers that win are not very “good” answers but are simply cool things. For example I am often handed Weird Al in expectation that I will chose it over anything simply because I am a fan. In Say Anything a player can put down an answer that is insane but then other players can get points for it if they feel that the player asking the question will choose it. This aspect certainly makes the game a bit more gamer-friendly than some games of this type.

In the title to this post I mentioned that the game might be missing “pop” and I guess it’s time for me to explain that. There are really two things that make me feel this game doesn’t snap (and I suppose we should include “crackle” as well) like the other games of its time. Essentially both the revealing of answers and the revealing of a winner are rather anticlimactic. In Apples to Apples for example, because the answers are hidden, many players reject all the losing answers only to reveal the winner last. This creates suspense as players know theirs are still in the pile. In Say Anything the SELECT-O-MATIC 5000 is simply flipped over and you move on. While I have tried to encourage people to discuss their answers a bit it doesn’t flow as well as in other games. Again, with the end of the game, there is simply an end with scores being totaled. In What Were You Thinking? players move toward losing each round they come in last place and thus get closer and closer with the suspense mounting (as much as suspense can mount during a party game), but with Say Anything the game is simply over and the winner is announced and often this is already surmised.


Say Anything is a good game. If your group likes Apples to Apples or What Were You Thinking? I say pick up Say Anything. I got my copy as a gift but as I recall it is fairly inexpensive compared to some games of this type and again it is enjoyable. Will it become the Top Dog (or in my case Alpha Rat) of party games? No, I don’t think it will. However it is simpler for people to pick up than some, can be played with any age group, and overall is a good buy.

If you have played the game feel free to leave comments below!