Scion – Chronicle Concept

What follows is a brief overview of the concept for my Scion campaign. I’m still working on fleshing out the details and would encourage any input. Obviously if you are in my Scion game you probably should not read any further. In other words… no peeking.

The Story

A group of Modern Gods led by the God of Light and the God of Darkness are attempting to secure their place in Heaven (the Overworld) by seeking Heaven’s Will, an ancient sword wielded by Le Loi a Vietnamese King. Tesla (The God of Light) will seek out the players first and pull them together. The players are gathered because they have all recently lost contact with their patrons and are feeling lost.

A major sub-plot of the story is Jeremy Whitecliff, a survivor of an encounter with a Titan Spawn, now has the power to drain other survivors known as The Touched. Through doing this he has gained Legend and become something inhuman.

The Light and The Darkness

While it is not at all apparent to the players initially many of the Titan Spawn that will be encountered in this chronicle are related to either a titan of light or a titan of darkness. These two titans are at war with each other but also create a balance. While the impact of their actions will be felt at the Hero level, knowledge of their existence will not be gained until sometime into the Demigod level and most likely (should the chronicle go that far) the culmination of the story will be encounters with the Avatars of these titans.

This is set up to parallel the modern gods of Light and Darkness that have “adopted” the players.

Personalities and Icons

  • Heaven’s WillThuan Thien, Vietnamese King Le Loi’s legendary sword. This sword has had many wielders and many names. Some say it was Excalibur and possibly every great legendary sword that has ever been spoken of. The name of this weapon is apt and yet slightly misleading. Most think the name relates to Le Loi’s right to lead but in truth it relates to its connection with the Overworld and the direct link this sword can be to it.

    The sword is currently in two parts. The hilt is part of a sideshow attraction at a truck stop in the Midwest US. The truck stop is call Mac’s Emporium of the Bizarre and Peculiar. On the other hand the blade is buried beneath the water in a cave off the coast of Florida. A group of Blinding Giants are running an excavation through a company called Paralight. The lead Giant is called Phazian.

  • The Touched Some mortals change after an experience with Titan Spawn. They become The Touched. For the most part no one could ever tell the difference between a Touched mortal and a normal mortal, an occasional chill might be felt around these people but little else. However these people have something within them and occasionally Titan Spawn can feel it and even more occasionally they can harness it.
  • Jeremy Whitecliff was once mortal but now is something else. He has achieved Legend. Jeremy was almost killed by Brazier, a fire elemental that is still on the loose. After this encounter Jeremy became one of The Touched. More importantly Jeremy was able to feel the presence of other members of The Touched and learned how to remove from them that which made them special. This removal involves devouring their heart. After consuming several of these individuals Jeremy began to change and become a legendary being of his own right. Now he searches for more Touched to consume, though he does not completely understand why. As he gains power he begins to become a threat to Scions and gods.
  • Brazier – A minor Titan Spawn of The Light. Brazier lives to watch things burn. Its primary inclusion in this story is as the “creator” of the being that was once Jeremy Whitecliff but the players will encounter it at some point as well.
  • Modern Gods – The modern world has begun focusing itself on icons and the belief and interest of the modern world has begun forging these icons into Modern Gods. Two of these modern gods that are important to this story are mentioned below. They will act as guides for the characters, as they believe that if the Titans of Light and Dark are defeated they themselves will gain in power. These beings believe this act is the catalyst necessary for them to be granted a true pantheon. Neither are truly who they were in life but rather reflections of those people, reflections that have been altered by the legends about them.

    The Modern Gods are seeking Heaven’s Will. With it they can secure for themselves a place in the Overworld. They plan to adopt a group of Scions and use them to seek out the sword.

  • Tesla – God of Light. Tesla’s unique attitudes and unusual ideas have made him popular to this day. His work with electricity made him a perfect focus for light. He has been called The Patron Saint of Modern Electricity. Tesla’s “quirks” in life translated into his godhood. Tesla does everything in threes and has OCD. He is also physically revolted by jewelry. He dislikes round objects and human hair and will avoid touching them. Tesla is associated with the Animal Purview: Pigeon, and often has a bright white pigeon with him when he appears.
  • Marlene Dietrich – Goddess of Darkness. Dietrich is the modern representation of darkness. Her image as a femme fatal in black and white movies and the unique use of shadow in those movies made her a perfect focal point. In her godhood she still has a German accent and never appears in full light. Her skin is so light in color that it appears white and she only wears monochromatic clothing.
    Scott Says:

    I find your blending of real historical personalities with the fantastic interesting. It would be cool to see how that goes over with your players, either during or after the campaign.