Scion – Chronicle Concept – Explanation of Things Previously Mentioned

The following is yet another post about my Scion game and again it is the kind that my players cannot read. For the rest of you I hope you find it interesting and I welcome any comments about it.

I have mentioned a couple times on this blog that I have been rewatching X-Files and I think that the exposure to all those government conspiracies might have lead me to what became the Norvus Ordo Mundi in my Scion game.

Norvus Ordo Mundi means New World Order, of course, which is anything but a new concept. I wanted to figure out a way to make modern bad guys that are almost mythic in their own right and from that idea spawned the NOM (yes, I could use NWO but it is rather overused and I think the Latin sounds cool).

Norvus Ordo Mundi

I have already mentioned what the NOM is. Essentially they are the spawn of a deceased Titan but unlike some freed Titan Spawn they decided not to side with the gods. Unfortunately for the other Titanspawn, and the other Titans, they did not side with those groups either. Instead they broke off and became a rival to each.

The Norvus Ordo Mundi is lead by three individuals known as the Triumvirate. These three individuals are each a representation of the modern world, but a dark version of those representations. They are also very Americanized but since the NOM is based out of America this only makes sense. Below I will outline the three members of the Triumvirate and briefly discuss their chief followers. At this time statistics will not be provided for these members as they are all at least Demigod level and at the moment far overpower my players. I will likely provide both Demigod and God (in case they should reach that level) statistics for these entities at a later date.

The Triumvirate

Did anyone watch War of the Worlds the TV show? The original three aliens that got out were called the Triumvirate. They were really cool and dark and pretty much my favorite part of that show. I would almost want to go back and watch it again but I know that the whole show would probably look like crap by my modern standards. I mistakenly watched an episode of V a few years ago and ruined some perfectly good childhood memories. I don’t think I want to make that mistake again.
  • Mr. Doctor is all that is wrong with science and medicine. He is heartless and cruel and fully willing to experiment on anyone or anything if it could possibly provide some benefit to him or even if it just amuses him. His appearance is frightening similar to that of Dr. Mengele and he wears an outfit that looks like a combination of a lab coat and an SS uniform.

    Mr. Doctor is the cruelest and least compassionate of the Triumvirate and, while he willingly works with his fellow members, he often feels they are weak and compromising. While he is cold and calculating he also wants results to come quickly and dislikes waiting when there is something that can be done about it now. Mr. Doctor’s primary agents are called Meds.

  • Mr. Agent is all that is wrong with government. He is less cruel than Mr. Doctor and hardly ever hurts anyone that he does not think deserves it but he is no less calculating. He is constantly planning the group’s next move and is a master manipulator. Mr. Agent is bland looking. He can easily disappear into a crowd even without use of his boons. He wears a simple black suit and dark sunglasses at all times and is never caught disheveled.

    Mr. Agent considers his fellow members of the Triumvirate to be uncouth but accepts it as he knows they are valuable. This is how he acts about everything; as long as it has value he will accept it. Mr. Agent’s primary “agents” are called Majestics. They look very similar to their boss and act similarly as well. Like their boss they do not speak very often but are more than capable of getting their point across.

  • Mr. Bishop is all that is wrong with modern religion. He doesn’t represent a specific religion nor does he represent belief in a specific god but rather he embodies the huge complex monstrosities that some religions have become. He is manipulative like Mr. Agent but in a much more overt way. He loves giving people what they want and then watching them destroy themselves with it.

    Mr. Bishop dresses in an expensive robe and is decorated with jewelry. His attitude is always pompous and occasionally his comments become crude. He is interested in all pleasures of the flesh, especially those that would horrify society and he loves offering these pleasures to those who crave them. His primary agents are called Clerics. They are twisted religious men that loath a fair fight. Most dress in common clothing, often with a priest’s collar. They love pretending to be members of actual religious sects and using that to their advantage.

More About the Triumverate and Norvus Ordo Mundi

These are the members of the Triumvirate. They are also one of the major driving forces behind my game. In fact they are the manipulators that have sent the Blinding Giants and Penumbral Giants out to seek Heaven’s Will. The Giants know none of this, in fact they do not even know that the Norvus Ordo Mundi exist. In later stories I suspect they will learn of them and most likely not be too pleased but that will have to come out at a later date.

The primary goal of the Norvus Ordo Mundi is to become gods. Unlike the Modern Gods mentioned previously (Tesla and Marlene) these creatures need to become gods the hard way. Thus they are manipulating the world and increasing their Legend. However, they too feel that having an open pass to the Overworld would greatly advance their cause and thus are attempting to gain Heaven’s Will.

In a previous post I mentioned Ambrosia 2.0. This substance, that the NOM created, allows one of its members to become the complete embodiment of the most vile ideas related to their influence. The Meds become ravaged mutant horrors, the Majestics become super soldiers, and the Clerics become demonic looking beasts. NOM is still experimenting with Ambrosia 2.0 and working on a new version of it as well.

Full statistics for Majestics and Clerics will hopefully be up next week as well as their Ambrosia 2.0 modified stats. Let me know if you have any questions or, even better, ideas for improving this!