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I have been trying to decide exactly what rules I want to change for Scion (it seems almost everyone feels that some rules need to be changed) so I have been tracking down places on the net that have information about different rules. Iā€™m going to try to keep this post up to date and add the rules that our group ends up using. For now I am going to post the rules I plan to change and places that people can find information about what other groups have changed.

New Scion Rules I have Added or Changed

Character Creation – Speed now costs 2 Birthright points per reduction in Speed. (Lowering the Speed of a weapon is far more potent than increasing its damage. Unless I am reading something wrong this seems to be a needed fix.)

Ranged Combat – Perception and Epic Perception add to ranged attacks in the way that Strength adds to Melee. However a +1 is added to the Threshold to hit a target for each ally within melee range. (Firearms are far too weak in Scion and the fact that they become increasingly useless bothered me. While in reality I am not a fan of guns I do feel they are an important part of a modern fantasy story. I added the second rule because I didn’t want melee to become pointless. With this rule if a group took all ranged, as soon as an enemy moved into melee range the group would have problems.)

Untouchable Opponent – Untouchable Opponent adds Epic Dexterity dots, not Epic Dexterity successes. (Some people do not feel this is necessary. I feel that making players immune to damage is never good. Also if there is an opponent with this ability the combat would become dull very quickly. Since this mostly only effects more powerful characters and opponents anyway it may not be something that I can judge the impact of until later on.)

Experience and Progression – Players will not be able to purchase Legend with experience. All players will be rewarded Legend as the game progresses at the Storyteller’s discretion.

Blindness – In the basic rules being blind results in a player losing four dice for their actions but it does not impose a penalty to DV. James McMurry suggests a -2 DV penalty in addition and I think that this is appropriate.

New Scion Knacks

The first Knack can be seen in a very similar form through one of the links below. It was inspired by my idea but created by James McMurray. The second is my own creation, more or less. It does use the same basic rules. I hope that the fact that you need to wait to use the second one and take a five tic action means they are balanced. At least against each other.

The Art of War (Intelligence Knack):

Prior to a battle which you have time to plan for, you may make an Intelligence + Command roll. Every two successes on this roll adds to a pool of dice which you may divide amongst your known allies for that fight. No ally may receive more dice than your dots of Epic Intelligence, or their Mundane Intelligence + dots of Epic Intelligence, whichever is lower. They may use these dice to affect a roll or rolls in the battle. Once used, the die is removed from the pool. No player may add more dice to a single roll than your Epic Intelligence.

Assess the Situation (Wits Knack):

Any time after the first seven tics of combat your character may make a Wits + Command roll. (Note: this is a 5 Tic Action). A pool of dice is collected for every two successes achieved on this roll. These dice may be added to your allies’ rolls as a free action. No more dice may be added to any single action that you have in Epic Wits. This Knack requires that the user is able to communicate with his or her allies that are receiving the bonus. At the Storyteller’s discretion intelligent opponents can negate these bonuses if the instructions from the Knack user are apparent to them.

More Information on Scion House Rules

  • White Wolf Forums have information:
    • about house rules here
    • about the Intelligence Knack for Combat here
    • and a useful FAQ put together by players here
    • Also, there are player created knacks here
  • Transitive Property of Gaming has house rules:
  • Scion Wiki through White Wolf Wiki is possibly the best source for player made rules, knacks, purviews etc.
  • has various information on:
  • has a few comments about house rules here
  • Eccentric Fatality has the house rules they use here
  • Not exactly house rules but James McMurray has some amazing information for Scion including a Battle Wheel and a number of Generators.
  • James also has a vast amount of house rules and other information here
  • I am uncertain if I will use these rules but I am very intrigued by these Social Combat Rules adapted from Exalted 2nd Edition.

If anyone has any suggestion for house rules I should use, changes to the house rules I’m using, or further sites that have house rule information please comment!

    Dave Says:

    Wouldn’t Epic Inelegance be more of a flaw than benefit to combat?


    Ya never know…

    I am working with one eye a lot of times… cut me some slack. :oP


    As I said I am going to change this post as the rules we go by change. I will post a comment here about it as well so people know that a change has taken place and when that change happened.


    Added rule: “Experience and Progression – Players will not be able to purchase Legend with experience. All players will be rewarded Legend as the game progresses at the Storytellers discression.”


    Added link to Social Combat Rules.


    I’ve also got a bunch of house rules, knacks, purviews, and deities at


    Hello. Thanks for linking to my site!

    I noticed a minor error on this page, however. You listed car chase rules as being on my Transitive Gaming blog. I don’t have car chase rules there, but the link does go to my Improvised Weapon system.

    James McMurray (the guy with all the cool generators) does have a neat car-chase generator, which may be what you were thinking of.

    I have a list of all the house-rules I use (or at least the vast majority of what I was using as of February 5th) at:

    Thanks again for the links, and for commenting at my blog. I’ve had fun perusing your blog today.


    There are also car chase rules: They’ve never been tested, though. The one chase scene that happened turned into a fight instead. Now they’re beyond the power level where cars are likely to be a factor.


    Thanks guys, I modified the post (no small feat since the html stuff – the reason the site looks cool – is all Scott’s doing)to reflect your information. I don’t know how I missed your page in my searcbes James, but its linked to now, which is awsome. I will have to read through it all tomorrow.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Scott Says:

    There’s room for the site to look cooler yet šŸ˜Ž

    Considering computers aren’t exactly your thing, you’re picking it up fine Josh.

    Glad to see some feedback and info on Scion; it’s probably too bad I am not on top of the game because the gamers in my group could really go for it.


    Modified firearm rules, changed to Ranged Combat rules and added penalties for friendly targets in melee range.