Shadowrun 3rd Edition Character Sheet

Shadowrun 3rd Edition Character Sheet
Download Shadowrun 3rd Edition Character Sheet

While the majority of Shadowrun RPG fans are busy playing fourth edition at this point, there are some third edition hold-outs. I’m making available my rendition of the third edition character sheet as I migrate content from my older Shadowrun site to Pair O’ Dice Games.

This PDF is a near-perfect rendition of FASA’s original character sheet for Shadowrun 3rd. Front and back sides are provided as pages one and two, so you can print double-sided character sheets if you print your copies of just page one first, then flip ’em over and print copies of just page two on the back.

Enjoy playing Shadowrun!


    I know this is kind of late to be commenting on this post… but I just felt like saying: While Shadowrun 3rd Edition is probably a good game (I loved 2nd edition but I haven’t done more than flip through third) Shadowrun 4th is possibly the most well constructed game I have ever played.

    Now if they could just come out with the Rigger/Matrix book…

    Scott Says:

    I liked second edition, it was my first introduction to Shadowrun and I think flavor-wise also one of my favorite periods in the Sixth World.

    Third edition felt like a good rules-cleanup, don’t know if I ever actually got a chance to play (we had that one close call) but I had fun reading the books.

    Fourth edition is, I would agree, the pinnacle as far as rules go. They really made great strides in that department, and I believe the book won an award or two (Origins for best rules maybe?).

    That did sort of come at the excise of a lot of the flavor. When they decided that core rules books would not have the shadow-talk and be thin on narrative, I kinda missed those elements. I guess I just need to pick up the separate adventure sourcebooks, but really my favorites were not the adventures but the books that described what it was like to live in the 2060s or 2070s and the Sixth World (Neo Anarchist’s comes to mind).

    But overall I would agree that Shadowrun fourth edition is the best of the bunch. It’s still my favorite role playing franchise and the only one I’ve stuck with through multiple editions. I’m looking forward to more stuff from Catalyst.

    Scott Says:

    Also this reminds me that, among other things on my lists, I need to bring over the rest of my Shadowrun-related materials that I haven’t posted on this blog yet.

    Can you tell I’m a Shadowrun fan?
    (that’s supposed to sound rhetorical, not sarcastic)

    Fernando Says:

    Thanks! Mostly useful, for I will play with english speakers today.


    You’re welcome Fernando!

    virginia Says:

    I felt that 3rd edition shadowrun was awesome, but felt like the ruined the system with 4th..

    on the other hand, I like how they streamlined D&D 4th ed. from 3.5

    virginia Says:

    oops. forgot to say in the other post.
    Thanks for the PDF! =)


    You’re welcome Virginia!

    I should probably point out that I’ve enjoyed each edition of Shadowrun since I started playing (around the introduction of 2nd edition).

    I thought Shadowrun 3rd Edition cleaned up some things in 2nd that needed cleaning up and was overall pretty good.

    But I have to say that I really enjoy the changes in 4th edition. They made even greater efforts to streamline mechanics, and I appreciate the cohesiveness applied to so many facets of the game. Plus deckers, uh I mean hackers, finally have a relatively easy time of joining the rest of the team on runs!


    Shadowrun 4th Edition made a lot of very good changes, and at least one very bad one. The substitution of a fixed-target attribute+skill core mechanic for the original core mechanic pretty much took all the fun out of the game for me, either as a player or a GM.

    I also really didn’t like the world changes, though that’s a distant second.