Werewolf Campaign Outline

This is the basic outline for my first Werewolf: The Forsaken campaign. The basic plot outline mirrors the demo adventure that can be found on the White Wolf web site in a few aspects as I used it so that I could steal a couple of encounters (for example the glass spirits that appear at the beginning of that adventure also appeared at the beginning of mine). The basic plot of my campaign begins with Roostam Petrov a Russian immigrant and leader of the most powerful pack in Orlando, FL putting together a pack of forsaken and placing them in a position to hold the small town of Hica Kitisci. Some members of the pack are familiar with the area but others are not (at a later point I may well put up a post that speaks to more of the specifics of the way things are panning out). Mostly the below information is meant to be an outline of the area. The Rail Man is the main adversary for the first campaign while Butcher of Angels may become a major antagonist as well depending on the actions of the players.

Again this is just a basic outline. I wrote it before the game even began and personally I am a firm believer in allowing the players to tell the story. I like to give them some options and I try to give them side plots and personal mysteries. Also there are a number of minor characters that are not listed here I can include them in future posts if people are interested. Statistics are also hopefully on the way!

Hica Kitisci is the kind of large-small town where they have a Wal-Mart and call it THE Wal-Mart. It is also on a main road that leads to Orlando and thus has some tourist crap that is sold at almost every store in town, especially those on the main drag. It is the kind of town that loves football and is wary of outsiders, even though they do rely on them for some of their income.

Any comments are very welcome.

Town of Hica Kitisci


  • 1973 – Weakened by the appearance of the Idigam, Gary Forman and his pack return to Hica Kitisci; two of their members having been slain, including Gary’s son.
  • 1975 – Gary has not replaced either of the two members of his pack and the territory, though small, has begun to fall into disrepair.
  • 1976 – A group of Pure werewolves attack Gary’s remaining pack members, catching them alone and slaughtering them one by one.
  • 2007 – Roostam Petrov and his pack attack the Pure in Hica Kitisci driving them from the town and killing one member. Roostam decides that the territory is unflattering and, wanting to focus on his beloved Orlando, chooses to build a pack to defend it.


  • Hook’s Hideaway – Bar, run by Big Man Hook, a hook from The Hook Man hangs on the wall. The hook is not really from The Hook Man but the owner and proprietor likes to tell the hook man stories and scare the locals and passersby.
  • McMillan’s Home for the Mentally Unwell – The asylum is located deep within Teravolt Woods. Darrel McMillan started this asylum in 1948 and ran the place until his death in 2002. Darrel died in the asylum during an unexplained fire. In 1980 his son Steve McMillan came to work at the asylum and took over its operation upon his father’s death. It is not common knowledge but Steve had been conducted experiments on the patients for years. His father, a genuinely good natured man that sincerely wanted to help people, was horrified to learn what his son had been doing right under his nose and threatened to call the police. Steve dumped a tray of chemicals and lit them on fire, leaving his old man to burn alive. Since that time some have claimed they can hear Darrel’s cries.

    The Hook Man resides here when he has not escaped. Steve has recently become fascinated by the man. Often his experiments lead to the death of his patients but this patient has been incredibly resilient. There is a small cemetery on the grounds of the asylum. In the center of the graveyard is a small garden. Within the garden grow dark, odd looking flowers. This garden is a level one locus.

  • The House – In 1983 Jordan Miller the mayor of the town decided that they should start building some more touristy kinds of establishments to try to grab people as they drove through on their way to Orlando. Modeling it after a house he had seen as a kid on a strip in Fort Lauderdale, Jordan found a developer and used city funds and tax incentives to erect the haunted house. The full name of the establishment is The Haunted House of Horrors but locals call it The House.

    Soon after the building opened for business a tourist couple disappeared while stopping in town. John and Jane Twiller were never heard from and it was rumored that they were last seen entering The House. No one knows it but Jordan miller had organized the building of The House to give him easy access to victims. He had been claimed by a Fear spirit named The Shadow on the Wall (he had only been urged when he had ordered the place to be built). Soon after their disappearance Jordan also disappeared (having been killed by the local pack) and without the main backer of The House it began to fall into disrepair. These days it barely breaks even but remains open. It has become a bit of a local joke with rumors of it actually being haunted being a popular local legend. It is quite possible that the fear spirit that once claimed Jordan is still alive within the walls of The House.

  • Teravolt Woods – With the exception of the occasional hunter (an act that is illegal within the woods because of an old and questionable law that has never been repealed) and Cedric Fordling very few enter Teravolt Woods. While no one will admit to being frightened of the place most have an inborn sense of dread about the old woods. There have been several unexplained deaths within it or near it and while the town council has tried to cover them up news occasionally leaks out. The Hook Man is responsible for a few of the deaths and Cedric Fordling is responsible for one recent death but there have been other oddities that have traveled within the woods though out the years.
  • Hica Kitisci Town Library – Though small, the library has a few important aspects to it. For one, Wise Lost (See Predators pg 64) has made its home here for a number of years. As the passage in the supplement indicates it has become concerned by the falling patronage.

    Another important aspect of the library is that James Fairchild, the librarian from 1954 until 2007 has a vast amount of hidden information stored in a secret location in the sub-basement. This collection of papers and writings includes a lot of data on the strange occurrences that have happened over the years. A knowledge/greed magath named The Keeper has taken up the store of knowledge as his personal horde. The Keeper has forbidden Wise Lost from entering the subbasement and Wise Lost has little interest in the material that is not part of the circulating library.

  • The Depot – In 1971 Devon Masters went into work at the small train depot in town and killed every single person there and then set off a small explosive device made of common household items killing himself and several others. The reasons behind his actions are still unclear however the repercussions were devastating on both sides of the gauntlet. It was at that moment that the depot awoke and maddened by its pain began devouring everything and anything that it could. Now it is The Rail Man, a magath. Still mad, still angry, The Train Man dwells within the wreckage of the depot and has manipulated the town council enough to make certain the place is never torn down.
  • The Church of the One True God – There are only twenty to thirty members of this church at any given time and all are considered to be slightly off. The church is a long brick building, gray and weathered. It stands on the edge of town and once was a slaughterhouse. A spirit named Butcher of Angels lords over the other side of the gauntlet and occasionally sends one of his minions to possess the church goers. They see this as a divine experience even though it often leads them to attack people, mutilating them with knives.

    Pastor Don Butler lords over the church itself. He has been urged by a minion of Butcher of Angels to work hard at increasing his flock. He does this by gathering the rejects from other churches, those seen as too extreme in this more understanding age. The church often pickets outside of Wal-Mart and even goes into Orlando to speak their hellfire and brimstone.


  • Big Man Hook – Real name, Bradley Hooker, runs Hook’s Hideaway. Large man, barrel chested with thinning brown hair and a wicked gleam in his eye (his left eye is glass, if the stories of the hook man don’t scare people he takes his eye out, he sometimes claims he lost it to the hook man).
  • Darrel McMillan – Darrel died at age 79. At time of death (burned alive by his son in his own asylum) he looked fit for a 79 year old with a full head of grey hair. There is a picture of him hanging in the asylum. Those that look at it almost feel as though it is watching them.
  • Steve McMillan – Steve is very sick man, both mentally and physically. Steve was born with a degenerative condition that causes incredibly pain through out his body and tremors in his limbs. He went into medicine later in life and followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a psychiatrist. Steve was given a job at his father’s asylum and almost immediately began experimenting on the patients. Most of his experiments hold little medical value and many cause the deaths of the patients in question. Recently Steve has discovered The Hook Man, known to him as John Doe, and has become fascinated by the man.

    Steve runs the asylum but spends much of his time in the sub basement conducting experiments. Nadine Kessler, the head nurse, knows about Steve’s little experiments but keeps that knowledge to herself. Valerie Williams is another nurse at the asylum; she has begun to suspect something is going on.

  • Nadine Kessler – Attractive woman, blonde hair blue eyes, and her hair is usually kept up in a bun. Nadine is the head nurse at the asylum. Nadine has been urged by spirit of secrets. Because of this she has not told anyone, even Steve, that she knows about his experiments. Nadine has begun to hurt herself, small cuts on her upper arms. She wishes to tell someone what she knows but simply cannot bring herself to do it.
  • Valerie Williams – Valerie is only twenty four, with bright blue eyes and short red hair. She has noticed that a lot of odd things happen at the asylum but whenever she brings it up to Nadine she is told she is “being silly”. Valerie has kept a scrap book of all the odd things that have happened. It is in her drawer next to her bed. This book in the hands of a more trained professional could likely prove that Steve has been doing unauthorized experiments. Valerie is still concerned for her job and worried that if she comes forward and is not believed something might happen to her brother.
  • Luke Williams – Luke is bald, thin, and pale. He has been a patient at the asylum for three years, two years longer than his sister Valerie has worked there. He has never been experimented on, and knows very little about what goes on in the real world. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was fifteen and his condition seemed to worsen over the coming years. When his parents died in a car crash his sister tried to take care of him on her own but was not able to. He was then committed. Recently he has been heavily medicated and in this condition he is very calm. A few weeks before the players enter town he blurted to his sister, “The Conductor and The Hook Man don’t like each other.” But this meant little to him and even less to his sister.
  • The Hook Man – Standing almost six and a half feet in height The Hook Man has short black hair (military cut) and pale blue eyes. Occasionally when speaking to him he drifts off as though listening to someone else. Sometimes things simply cannot be fully explained. The creature that came to Lt. James Daniels as he lay in the mud in Vietnam is one of those things. An explosion had destroyed his left hand and he had just breathed in a poisonous chemical. Perhaps the “thing” he saw was all in his mind but either way since that day James has been different, in fact he no longer knows himself as James but simply as The Hook Man.

    After returning from the war he was given a prosthetic hook where his left hand used to be and discharged. The Hook Man had no idea who he was or where he was meant to go but occasionally he would hear voices in the back of his head that would tell him to do things. These things were usually benign “Go to Lovers Lane and sleep beneath the largest tree you find” or “Stand as silently as you can by the side of the road… ignore the pouring rain”. But occasionally he would be told to hurt people, “They are not happy, he does not love her. Kill them both” and he would do it. The Hook Man was caught but the evidence against him was weak so he was placed in McMillan’s Home for the Mentally Unwell and forgotten about. No one seemed to notice that he didn’t age until Steve McMillan took notice of him.

    In his time at the asylum The Hook Man has escaped twice. He still hears the voices and occasionally their demands become too much and feels it is necessary to leave, escaping into the woods surrounding the asylum. Just recently The Conductor came to visit him. They did not have a pleasant conversation and The Hook Man sent The Conductor away with nothing. However from this The Hook Man now knows a few secrets about The Conductor and The Rail Man that he works for. Perhaps most importantly The Hook Man knows The Conductor’s Ban.

  • The Conductor – Appearing as a old fashioned train conductor the spirit has average human features save its coal black eyes. The Conductor is a spirit of trains that has been gaining power and influence over many years. Recently however he has seen his power declining as railroads become less important to people and are used more infrequently. Until he met The Rail Man The Conductor traveled constantly, following the rails to wherever they would lead and consuming smaller spirits along the way. However in Hica Kitisci The Conductor found a powerful spirit that had a plan to bring back the strength of the railroad. The Conductor has become the servant to The Rail Man and has been assisting him with his goals (explained later). Since The Rail Man is a Magath The Conductor acts as his emissary to non corrupted spirits. The Conductor was also trying to convince The Hook Man to assist them but The Hook Man is not ridden and has no concept of spirits or their games. The Conductor’s Ban is that he cannot harm in any way anyone that is holding a train ticket.
  • Cedric Fordling – Cedric is a ghost wolf that lives on the edge of Teravolt Woods. Cedric stands over six feet in height but is lean to the point of gaunt. His eyes are deep set and dark and his black hair is kept short but is generally messy (he cuts it himself). Cedric considers only the edge of the woods to be his territory but he guards it ferociously. Beyond the woods there is an old field that has not been farmed in years.

    Two weeks before the story begins a surveyor was investigating the property. He decided to do a little illegal hunting in Teravolt. In human form Cedric approached him and told him to put his gun away. The surveyor, Alan Breen, refused and took a shot at an animal directly in front of Cedric. Death Rage ensued and Alan was ripped apart. Cedric feels only slightly bad about his actions but is concerned that the mysterious disappearance may bring others. Alan’s truck was found at the edge of the field but his body has not yet been found.

  • The Rail Man – When the depot was destroyed the spirit that would become The Rail Man was born. Desperate for power and maddened by the destruction of the depot the spirit began to consume anything and everything that it could. This consumption led it to become a magath. It appears as an androgynous human with iron rails built into it’s partially fleshy body and wielding a scythe. In its quest for more power The Rail Man (now a magath of death and trains) took more bans upon itself. The final ban it took was that it could not leave the depot until active train tracks lead too and from it. In its madness and pain The Rail Man began to form its plan.

    Outside of the town there are four old decaying rail switches. The Rail Man has been gathering essence and feeding it into these four switches. He has also placed a Train spirit in each switch to guard it. Already within the shadow hints of tracks can be seen. When all is ready and the moon is full the Train spirits will flip their switches and the shadow tracks will rip their way into the Hisil. Then the Death Train will come to carry The Rail Man from his self created prison. The Rail Man cares nothing for the town, which is good as it will be destroyed if he is successful.

  • Butcher of Angels – Appearing as a aproned man with the head of a cow with bloody halos wrapped around his muscular left arm, Butcher of Angels was the spirit of the slaughterhouse before it closed. So much pain was invested into him that he still rules within the building, slaughtering the religious spirits that try to take up residence. Butcher has begun to lend his power to The Rail Man, assisting him with his mad plans. While The Rail Man does not know that his plan will destroy the town (and also does not care) Butcher is counting on it. It is his plan that his church will be the only thing left standing when the town is destroyed and he will be able to bathe in the slaughter.

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