Werewolf: This Story is True…

I hit a bit of a quandary in my Werewolf game when it came time for the players to get a totem. I didn’t like the idea of forcing them to stumble around until they liked a spirit of my creation enough to make it their totem, but I also wasn’t sure I liked the idea of not role-playing the rather important event of finding and claiming one.

Since the group was new it seemed prudent to allow them to build their totem and then make the finding of the totem into more of a shared story than an actual role-playing session.

However then I thought it might be fun to write up the event as a legend. For you Werewolf players out there I think that this kind of thing can really add a lot of flavor to your game; writing the game as a legend. This can work both for down-time events and actual role-played events. Since it is a legend you are even allowed a fair amount of creative license.

For you non-Werewolf players, all legends in the books begin with “This Story is True”. Below is the legend I wrote and read to my players:

This story is true.

Not long ago five members of The People crossed into The Shadow in search of a totem to bind and assist them. They had been to The Shadow before, so they knew the dangers it offered but their Elodoth was wise and knew that they would not be truly joined as a pack until they had a totem of their own.

Upon crossing, the Elodoth turned to his Irraka, to seek the path that would lead them to the spirit for which they searched. The Irraka set out and after some time they reached a Shadow forest and, with faith that the he knew the path, they entered. It grew deeper and darker as they picked their way through, avoiding unfriendly spirits that would not look kindly upon their intrusion.

After some time they came upon a strange mound nestled within a clearing. The trees there were a mix of spirit and pale reflection, and light and darkness danced in a way that would dizzy a mere mortal. As they entered the clearing the pack’s Cahalith stepped to the Irraka’s side.

“I dreamed this place,” she said. “I dreamed these trees and this clearing.”

The Elodoth nodded, for even in their short time together he had learned to trust in the visions from his Cahalith. The Elodoth then turned to his Ithaeur, who stepped ahead of all of them and laid a runed staff upon the ground.

From the mound in the center of the clearing rose a long black and green spirit-snake that wound its way forward, encircling the staff as it tasted the air with its tongue. Now the Ithaeur spoke to it, using the language of the first tongue. He told it of the grand ideas the pack had and the future they hoped to forge. And then he bargained with it.

“I am Strikes Without Warning and you must prove yourselves to me,”

Said the spirit-snake, its words slipping across the pack like sand slipping between fingers.

Without warning the Rahu spun on his heels, reacting to a subtle shift in the air behind him. His nimble hand reached out and snatched the true spirit as it leapt from the grass toward the Elodoth. The spirit’s maw gaped and its fangs gleamed, and if snakes could smile Strikes Without Warning grinned. The pack claimed their totem.


    On the White Wolf Forums it was mentioned that this could have been longer and I have to say I agree. I didn’t want to make it too long as it was written to be read out loud to my players (something that went on too long, I think, may have lead them to distraction) and I wanted to keep the “Legend” feel without it turning too much into a story. Still, it probably could have had more detail, been a little longer and yet kept this feel.