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Vegas Showdown Five-Player House Rule

Last night was my first opportunity to play Vegas Showdown with five players. With three or four players it’s a game I enjoy immensely, but adding a fifth player seemed to break it (despite the scale enhancements in the rules).

While we didn’t implement it quite in time to save last night’s game, here’s a simple house rule that I think will keep the game fun when playing with five.

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The State of My Gaming Life: 2009

Just over a year ago I wrote a post that I called The State of My Gaming Life. It was basically a rundown of all the gaming I was doing at the time. Honestly it was pretty self indulgent and rather pointless but kind of fun to write and neat to look back upon.

My goal is to continue this annual posting so that I (and others if they so desire) can look back and see what has changed and so that those who wish to understand a bit more about me as I write about other topics have this information available to them.

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Vegas Showdown – Games I Play

Vegas Showdown

I haven’t done a Games I Play post in a while and I have been meaning to. After getting a chance to play Vegas Showdown with Scott over the weekend I thought now would be a good time to do a quick write up about it. Remember, this isn’t really a full review so I will try to keep it short. There are, as always, good reviews over at the Geek including a review by Yehuda Berlinger who was kind enough to link to our blog way back when we were first getting started.

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