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Pair O’ Dice and Pair-of-Dice

Thanks to a BGN post I have learned that there is a game company out there called Pair-of-Dice. With our names being so similar and the fact that they too offer Print and Play games I thought I should throw a link up for them.

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Language Independent Games – My Response to Matt Thrower

Matt Thrower has a problem with language independent games and he decided to voice this problem over on Board Game News. If you scroll down you will see that I commented on his post and I wanted to make sure I linked from here to there.

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Thomass Lehmann – Past, Present, Future

I have been thinking of doing a couple posts on game designers and how their designs evolve and such over the years but I just wanted to get this tidbit out here now.

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Boardgame News – Check it Out

I just signed up for a year long membership over at Boardgame News. I highly recommend that those interested in board games pay the rather small amount of cash to support the efforts of Eric Martin.

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