Days of Wonder

Small World Design Contest

This is pretty cool! Days of Wonder is having a design contest for Small World. Many of us had already assumed that there would be some kind of expansion for the game and it does indeed look like the company has plans for this.

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Small World – First Impressions

small world game

Continuing my marathon of new game additions I recently received Small World as a gift. As I mentioned in my Galaxy Trucker post I want to give First Impressions of all the games I play and then later on (assuming I play the game enough to give a decent review) write a Review of the game. So, this article is about my First Impressions of Small World.

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Small World – Intrigued and Excited

I have been following Small World, a new game coming from Days of Wonder, for a couple weeks now and I wanted to put up a couple links to some information about it.

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