Dice Games

Review of Reviews

What follows is a discussion of how I have been reviewing games and a description of how I plan to review games in the future. While I have reviewed role-playing games and role-playing game books in the past, this article is in reference only to board games and card games.

While I feel there can be a general way to review board games and card games, reviewing gaming books falls under a different umbrella and while I may some day analyze the way I have been reviewing these products this is not that analysis.

Why Review Games?

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Dice Roller is Live

Here’s a little tool for anyone who’s ever in need of rolling dice but doesn’t have a few good polyhedrons on hand: the Pair O’ Dice Games new Dice Roller.

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Catan: Dice Game – Review

Catan Dice Game by Mayfair Games

So today is my birthday, which really only matters because my wife had me grab a couple of random games at the game store as an early birthday present. There were a lot of cool-looking games of course (I love random games, I’m usually willing to try anything) but I wanted something that would be fun and easy and not involve a lot of stress. Here I’ll review the first of two games I picked up.

Catan: Dice Game Basics

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Dragon Dice Spell Cards

Printable Dragon Dice Spell Cards

Printable spell cards for Dragon Dice in PDF format. A great way to keep track of all spells with lasting effects on the battlefield.

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Dragon Dice Kicker Packs #1: Amazons and Monsters for Sale

Dragon Dice is a great game that I recently got back into, in a big way. In fact, I was a bit overzealous in my buying and now I’ve got more Amazons and Monsters than I need.

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