Weekend Gaming Recap – 20100122

My group played Dominion: Intrigue, Kung-Fu Fighting, and Wreckage, and instead of an in-depth analysis or review I thought it might be fun to share a few quick thoughts on the experience with each game.

Plus a card set for Dominion: Intrigue.

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Dominion: Seaside – A bit of info

Just an interesting tidbit from the Dominion: Intrigue instruction book.

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More Intrigue – Rules Released on Rio Grande’s Site

So, now we have the answers to all of our speculations. Dominion: Intrigue is a bit less intriguing in that all the cards are available for your perusal and in addition the rules have been released in pdf format on Rio Grande’s site.

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Battlestar Galactica Expansion Announced

Since we started playing BSG The Board Game (and boy have we played it, I would say we have played this game more than any other recently) we have bantered about “the expansion”. Mind you no expansion had been announced but hey, it’s Fantasy Flight there HAS to be an expansion coming.

Well… now it’s official!

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More Dominion Intrigue Info

We already have a pretty good idea where they are trying to take Dominion from the discussions and comments over at BGG but we get an even clearer look from the three cards previewed in Finland and translated by some fine folks for us.

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Pandemic: On the Brink Rules Available

I already Twittered about this but I decided I wanted to write a bit more after reading through the rules, which can be found here.

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Galaxy Trucker – First Impressions

Over the weekend I received Galaxy Trucker as an early birthday gift from one of my friends and I wanted to take a few minutes to write about it (see side bar).

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Eight Player Dominion?

A while back it was mentioned on one of the BGG forums that Dominion: Intrigue would have rules for playing with up to eight players but that the eight would be divided into two “tables” of players. I made some kind of snide comment (you can search for it if you want) saying that the rules would be “to play with eight players, divide the Kingdom Cards in half and play two games!” but after popping over to Rio Grande today I noticed that yes, indeed, they are touting Dominion as an eight-player game.

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Dominion Card I Would Like to See

Everyone who plays Dominion has a few ideas of what they think would be cool to add to the mix of kingdom cards. Pat and I were discussing a few ideas a while back and thought it would be neat to have a card called Sheriff that was basically a moat that gave treasure instead of cards. I think we agreed that it would most likely be a 3 cost card that gave two treasure but had the Moat reaction ability. Seems, at a glance, like this would be a decent card and we found it pretty thematic.

I was thinking about some card ideas and came up with a card I would like to see in the next next expansion (Seaside).

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RftG Expansion Info

Click here for a bit more info about Rebel vs Imperium for Race for the Galaxy.

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Dominion Promo Cards at BGG

I already mentioned that BGG was going to be distributing the Envoy card for Dominion but I just noticed today that the Geek is now taking orders and not only do you get your Envoy cards (10 plus 1 for randomizing) for your 1 cent plus 4.99 shipping but you also get a copy of Black Market.

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Thomass Lehmann – Past, Present, Future

I have been thinking of doing a couple posts on game designers and how their designs evolve and such over the years but I just wanted to get this tidbit out here now.

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Race for the Galaxy: Rebel vs Imperium

Over at the geek their is a bit of information about the next Race for the Galaxy expansion.

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