New Ship Classes for Silent Death Ship Builder

The Silent Death Ship Builder for your browser is now at v0.6. Another round of features and tweaks has arrived!

Here’s the list of changes:

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Silent Death Ship Builder v0.5 Released

Another new version of the Silent Death Ship Builder is up!

Here’s what changed:

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Silent Death Ship Builder (Alpha) Now Available!

Want to try your hand at designing custom ships for Silent Death? The new Ship Builder app is now live! Check it out!

Then battle your friends’ ships in Silent Death!

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Combat Strategies in Rolemaster for Low Level Characters

Rolemaster is a fantasy role playing game with a detailed combat system. Here I’ll provide some tips players of low level characters can use to stay alive, and kick some butt.

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Silent Death: First Impressions

Silent Death: the Next Millennium Deluxe Edition

While I’ve had Silent Death: the Next Millennium for a while, I recently had my first opportunity to play it. In short order I discovered the qualities which gave it the reputation for being a fast-moving, easy-to-play, and exciting space combat miniatures game.

What follows is my brief description of the game’s contents, rules, how it felt playing for the first time, and why I’m very eager for a rematch!

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