Indie Games

Scrap Heaps: To Be or Not To Be Collectible

Over the last couple weekends we’ve gotten some playtesting time on Scrap Heaps. Like last time on Scrap Heaps game development I’m continuing to file away the rough edges, with the help of playtest feedback.

In this post I’ll relate some of the recent changes and things learned from playtesting, and my thoughts on the big question of what kind of card game Scrap Heaps wants to be.

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TinyWarz and Browser Game Design

TinyWarz 2.0 has launched, and I took a spin in this turn-based strategy browser game to see what it is all about. What I brought back are first impressions of the game, along with thoughts on the design and the browser games industry.

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Indie Games, Wizards, and Gleemax

There’s an interesting post by Randy Buehler, the new VP of Digital Gaming at Wizards, on his blog at Gleemax. Halfway down he describes their upcoming Indie Strategy Game Portal.

Being recently introduced to Gleemax, which is still in its infancy as a gaming community site, I’m undecided about its prospects as a game portal. On one hand, there is the question of objectivity. Will Wizards be able to promote games made by others alongside their own offerings, without bias? On the other hand, as the makers of Magic and D&D (among others) they have an enormous following and recognition, which may provide a built-in fanbase. Especially as they seek to support their newest iteration of D&D (and magazines Dragon and Dungeon) with moves into the online sphere and bring more of their gaming to the web.

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