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Paranoia XP – Mission Blender Online

The Paranoia Mission Blender is so freaking cool that this online version of it deserves its own post!

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Paranoia XP – Mission – Code Seven Cheap Shot

The following is a one-shot Paranoia mission that I wrote up to run in place of my normal Scion game for the day Scott was in town. It is basically a Zap game (as opposed to Classic or Straight – Classic being what I normally run) and was truly designed to be a Code 7, which is Troubleshooter dispatcher slang for a mission which will cost the Troubleshooters more clones than they have.

Paranoia XP RPG Cover

It would not be too hard to change a couple of things and make it a Straight game however. It isn’t the most amazing mission ever (the last game I ran which involved the TV show Wheel of Traitors and Vanna Bots conducting Unauthorized Turning was possibly more amusing) but feel free to use all or part of it in your own games or just shoot me some feedback about it.

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Paranoia XP – The Only Real Name for the New Version

I had mentioned in a previous post that I still call the new version of Paranoia, Paranoia XP even though the XP has been removed and I figured I might as well look up a bit of information on the change and fill people in about it.

A Game by Any Other Name

The story is actually a pretty short one but first I wanted to give a bit of background about the game. Mongoose Publishing now has the rights to Paranoia and quite frankly I think they did an amazing job with the new version. If I had been writing more frequently on this blog when I read the book (or writing at all, I can’t remember exactly when I picked it up) I would have certainly written a positive review of it.

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