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Pair O’ Dice and Pair-of-Dice

Thanks to a BGN post I have learned that there is a game company out there called Pair-of-Dice. With our names being so similar and the fact that they too offer Print and Play games I thought I should throw a link up for them.

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Tom Lehmann’s Review of Dominion – An Example of Something I Would Twitter

Scott has been looking into getting Twitter set up on this blog. One of the main reasons I have been asking for it is things like this post. Generally these posts are simply things I have found amusing and thus wanted to share but often don’t because I don’t feel as though they deserve a full “post”.

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A Lazy Way to Link You to Cool Stuff

So, whenever I find something game-related that I think is really cool I like to write a post about it and link to it. I did this with Obsidian Portal, Brettspielwelt and others. Today while I was popping around I found another blog that does this as a weekly thing and has it far better organized than my rather erratic posts.

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