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Layout Update: Right Sidebar

Small changes going on this time at Pair O’ Dice Games. I’ve added a sidebar on the right (yeah, dramatic, huh?).

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Pair O’ Dice and Pair-of-Dice

Thanks to a BGN post I have learned that there is a game company out there called Pair-of-Dice. With our names being so similar and the fact that they too offer Print and Play games I thought I should throw a link up for them.

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New Host

For the past few weeks the site has been acting up, courtesy of our [previous] web host. My apologies to our readers and contributors.

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Scrap Heaps: To Be or Not To Be Collectible

Over the last couple weekends we’ve gotten some playtesting time on Scrap Heaps. Like last time on Scrap Heaps game development I’m continuing to file away the rough edges, with the help of playtest feedback.

In this post I’ll relate some of the recent changes and things learned from playtesting, and my thoughts on the big question of what kind of card game Scrap Heaps wants to be.

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Minimum Wage Goes Live

It’s finally up! I would love to hear back from anyone who has a chance to play it or even if you just look over the cards.

More info about the creation of Minimum Wage will be up soon so keep coming back!

Gonzo! from Minimum Wage 40 Hour Deck

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How Best to Print Out Minimum Wage

So it’s finally out (announcement here). Phew, it has been a long road to get here but I have finally managed to get Minimum Wage up on the blog for any and all who would like to download and check it out. If you haven’t see it yet, just click here.

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Games Blog at Pair O’ Dice Games is One Year Old!

Today this blog turns one year old!

Time to look back at some of our favorite posts and then take a peek at what the future holds for Pair O’ Dice Games!

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Site Redesign Launched

Ready or not (hmm, the new design, or you the reader?) the new site design is up. I’ll take a quick spin through the changes, and also describe how you can help make it a success.

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Welcome to Pair O’ Dice Games

Pair O’ Dice Games has a brand new games blog! Written by a couple of veteran gamers, it’ll feature gaming articles on topics like:

  • Game reviews
  • House rules and game rules variants
  • Role playing story, adventure, and character ideas
  • Game strategies
  • Game design

Check out the latest gaming articles, and subscribe to the Pair O’ Dice Games Blog RSS Feed to stay notified of new additions – we’re just getting started!