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Randomness - Pair O’ Dice Games



Recently my life has felt rather chaotic and not in the old “chaotic good” kind of way but more in the “completely confused or disordered” kind of way from dictionary.com. I don’t really want to go into my problems, everyone has problems of their own of course, but it did kind of make me think about something I have been missing recently in games: chaos.

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New Rats

This is truly a bit of randomness but I really don’t care. Anyone that knows me knows I love rats. I find them to be incredibly fascinating animals that are also amazing pets. Recently my wife and I adopted two new baby rats that will be joining Bartleby and Rufus shortly. For now they are in a separate cage.

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Dice Roller is Live

Here’s a little tool for anyone who’s ever in need of rolling dice but doesn’t have a few good polyhedrons on hand: the Pair O’ Dice Games new Dice Roller.

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Some Fun and Interesting Stuff I Think People Should Check Out

I’ve been considering doing this post for a long time and finally just decided to go for it. I don’t expect my opinion matters to too many people all that much but I still thought it might be fun to throw together a list of sites that I think people should check out. When a friend of mine e-mailed me today and asked if I had any sites for him to look at so that he wouldn’t be bored at work I thought this would be a good time to do it. Most of them are at least slightly geek-related, so while this post is a bit off topic it still doesn’t feel completely out of place to me.

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Quelf – Review – A Party Game for Gamers but Only Certain Kinds of Gamers

I got a chance to try out Quelf a few weeks ago but then over the weekend I got it out again and the room was filled with laughter as a full eight player game took place. I ended up sitting out to let others play but it certainly made its mark on the participants.

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Paranoia XP – Mission Blender Online

The Paranoia Mission Blender is so freaking cool that this online version of it deserves its own post!

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Reaction and Recovery – A Short Diatribe About My Taste in Games

A few months ago Scott and I started to work on a project categorizing gamers. Essentially we wanted to come up with umbrella terms that scooped gamers into recognizable groups so that it would be easier to review a game and tell which groups we thought would enjoy it. It’s actually a fairly daunting process in that there are so many subtle variations and one does not wish to detract from any group by sliding them under an umbrella where they would not feel they belong. Still there are certainly different kinds of games out there and in general I would say we all tend toward liking certain groups of those games.

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