New Rats

This is truly a bit of randomness but I really don’t care. Anyone that knows me knows I love rats. I find them to be incredibly fascinating animals that are also amazing pets. Recently my wife and I adopted two new baby rats that will be joining Bartleby and Rufus shortly. For now they are in a separate cage.

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Rats: Nature’s Gamers

As I have mentioned a couple of times I recently became a rat owner. My present from my wife for Solstice was three baby rats. We’ve named them Bartleby, Loki and Rufus. It has amazed me how they are each so individual and even having only had them for a few months they have really become a part of the family.

Bartleby is the white one and has always been the bravest and most interested in humans while Loki, the brown one, is the most timid. Rufus is very loving when he wants to be but is also the toughest and most willing to scrum with the other two. Bartleby also kind of reminds me of Remy from Ratatouille in that he has become a bit of a picky eater.

Why rats are like gamers

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