Super Hero

I Don’t Usually Post This Kind of Thing But…

At this point I am sure that most of you who care to know, know that a film version of The Watchman is coming out. If you click here you can learn a bit more about the nearly three hour feature that will apparently have additional footage added for the DVD release (as they claim it is animated I have to assume that the added footage will be the comic book being read through the Watchman story but it did not say specifically).

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Super Hero Universe Idea – A Super Blast From The Past

I got a call yesterday from a friend of mine I don’t see too often, about a fumble table I had used in my last D&D game. Basically I had written up a random table to roll on whenever a player fumbled because I felt the whole “lose the rest of your attacks” or “hit yourself” or whatever we had previously been using was kind of boring and uninspired. I guess this friend (he had played the flashlight wielding paladin I have mentioned a couple times) is in a new game and had mentioned my table to his new DM. I was rather flattered and told him I would seek out the table and post it on the blog.

Instead I ended up with this Super Hero Universe idea. But I’ll get to that in a moment.

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