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I haven’t finished my review of Dominion yet but as you can probably tell, I like the game a lot (having already mentioned it a couple of times). At any rate while checking it out on BBG I saw that there is an online version of it at BrettspielWelt. I have since gone to the German site and played several games of Dominion. If you’re ever bored I highly recommend it, or any of their other games.

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D&D Tiny Adventures

If your into silly little Facebook games you should check out D&D Tiny Adventures.

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Web Games and Something Called Comet

During my web development work I recently came across a new web technology. Ajax? Nope, how about its relative, Comet? So what does this have to do with games, you ask?

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TinyWarz and Browser Game Design

TinyWarz 2.0 has launched, and I took a spin in this turn-based strategy browser game to see what it is all about. What I brought back are first impressions of the game, along with thoughts on the design and the browser games industry.

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