A Few Games on the Horizon

Since my return from Origins I have been distracted, both by the myriad of games I have been playing and by the piles of work that seemed to amass from simply taking two days off. I have a few posts I would like to write but I have simply not had the time to focus on them and get them done. Still I wanted to take a little bit of time and write about three games that are on my radar.

History of the World

The first game I wanted to mention is a remake of an old favorite, A Brief History of the World is actually a new version of the old History of the World that I have talked about several times on this blog. The new version is being published by Ragnar Brothers and sounds as though it has been changed quite a bit from the Hasbro version.

A preview can be found on the Ragnar Brothers site here. From this description I’m less excited than I was when I first heard that they were making a new version of History of the World. While I think that some changes were certainly in order, these changes seem a bit too drastic and frankly it almost doesn’t sound as though it is still the same game. Still I thought I should comment on it, as History of the World was a group favorite for a very long while.

At the Gates of Loyang

Another game on my watch list is At the Gates of Loyang. This is another Uwe Rosenberg game and as Agricola was quite popular for a while and Le Havre is still going strong in our group this seems like a natural to check out. Like the other two well-known Uwe games, Gates offers a single player option but unlike the other two it only goes up to four players. This does make me a little disappointed as our group often has five but I am still quite interested in picking it up.

The basics of the game seem to focus on the planting and growing mechanics from Agricola (which is one of the more fun aspects of the game as far as I’m concerned) but Gates is a card game, which is interesting in and of itself.

The last game I wanted to mention was Dungeonlords. Not everything is known about this game yet but there is a description of the gameplay over at BGG. The game is another offer from Vlaada Chvatil. While I have only played two of his games, Galaxy Trucker and Prophecy they are both interesting in their own ways. Also, Space Alert and Through the Ages have been on my wish list for a while. Vlaada seems to have some unique and fun ideas and as Dungeonlords is described as Dungeon Keeper the board game, how could it not be great?

So those are three yet-to-be-released games that I have my eye on. Check them out and let me know what you think!


    On A Brief History of the World, one thing that struck me is their change to a single type of army.

    From the standpoint of cost it makes a lot of sense, no need to produce a high number of plastic armies if a single type can be reused throughout the game.

    Yet for me playing with the different army pieces from each epoch was part of the fun, it felt like an important aspect of theme. Sweeping through territories with the Mongols felt different than taking on the role of the Assyrians.

    I guess these thoughts are a result of my visual learning style… and hey, when a new version comes out it should go for a lot less than the Hasbro/Avalon Hill version we saw at Origins for $270.

    Jenny Says:

    Was Greedy Greedy at Origins this year? I found out about the company last year and just love the game. It’s a little like Farkle but it also utilizes cards to gain more points and provide more player interaction.

    I can’t remember the name of the company right off so I was hoping you guys knew who it was.



    Jenny Says:


    As soon as I hit submit I remembered. It’s http://www.highpointgames.com. So with that information can you tell me if they were there or not?

    Thanks again,



    Sorry Jenny- I don’t remember seeing them. Of course there were a lot of exhibitors there and I doubt I could name more than a handful from memory.

    Still, a very worthwhile convention to attend if you’re looking to try out new games, many exhibitors were running demos.