A Great, if Silly, Idea for a Shadowrun

Most days I glance over the top news stories on Yahoo and today was no different. I try to keep myself informed on a variety of topics but I admit that I only read the articles that look as though they will be interesting or humorous.

Today when I opened Yahoo I saw this article.

That’s right, KFC is moving their secret recipe! You can’t tell me that this doesn’t beg to become a run. I guess it wouldn’t necessarily have to be KFC, it could be some other secret recipe (Stuffer Shack Burritos perhaps?) but it’s just set up so perfectly.

If a GM wanted to (and I just might do this unless all my players read this post and think it’s the stupidest thing they have ever heard of) they could even make references to the fact that the recipe has not been moved since 2008 and this is the first real chance anyone has had at it since then. I wonder who controls KFC in 2070; I’m thinking Aztechnology. What do you think?

    ojiepat Says:

    This is really awesome. I could definitely see an attempt to steal the recipe in the shadowrun universe.

    David Says:

    Hilarious and Awesome


    Shiawese wants the recipe for themselves. Mitsuhama wants to surreptitiously swap the recipe for one which tastes horrible, or makes 10% of customers sick within an hour of eating. Aztechnology just wants to make sure their priceless recipe is protected in transit.

    No matter what, Shadowrun opportunities abound, and the briefcase is an instant McGuffin during the action that ensues.

    Good catch, Josh!