A Lazy Way to Link You to Cool Stuff

So, whenever I find something game-related that I think is really cool I like to write a post about it and link to it. I did this with Obsidian Portal, Brettspielwelt and others. Today while I was popping around I found another blog that does this as a weekly thing and has it far better organized than my rather erratic posts.

Jonathan over at The Core Mechanic has found a lot of cool blog posts about role playing and has been kind enough to set up a very nice link page. I have to admit that I found his page because he linked to us here first (specifically one of my posts about Skill Challenges) but I’m glad that I noticed his incoming link and went to check out his site. Of particular interest to me are the other Skill Challenge examples he links to but I found some of the other blog posts to be quite interesting as well.

I really recommend that our readers check out The Core Mechanic in general as well as the nice links that Jonathan has set up. This month The Core Mechanic is hosting the RPG Blog Carnival which has been a project since last August that sets out to link blogs by having a monthly topic that each blog will dedicate a post to. Then, these topics are collected and summarized by the blog that is hosting the carnival for that month.

There is some great work going on here that benefits the whole community so check it out!


    Thanks for the bump Josh! Always happy to help, and I’m glad you find tCM such a good read. I only wish I had more time to write over there – as so much of my time is being eaten up by the Anthology project.