A Nice Collection of Skill Challenges

I just wanted to link to Critical Hits in the same way that I linked to The Core Mechanic as they both linked to my skill challenge example.

Critical Hits has a great list of links to other skill challenges that can be found here. The site has a rather eclectic collection of posts on topics ranging from video games to Battlestar Galactica. There’s some interesting stuff over there so go check it out!


    wow josh! thanks for the bump! But yes.. the Critical Hits skill challange list is HUGE and aweshum!


    Indeed, thank you for the links. I hear that the Core Mechanic website has a plethora of awesome posts as well. 😛

    No seriously, thanks! Glad you enjoy our zany mix of topics, and all joking aside Jonathan is truly top notch all the way!


    No problem, it’s nice to bring the community together. While we try to keep on topic here at Pair O’ Dice, I like to think we are pretty zany as well and I know that I at least tend to drift off onto things that are a bit off the beaten path.