A Shadowrun Idea for the Spatially Impaired

I’ve mentioned before that I have trouble with locations in my role playing games. I’ve never been good at picturing things three dimensionally and when it comes to buildings I have trouble picturing room layouts (both where the rooms should be within the structure and what should be where in the rooms).

I get by alright, usually building my in game rooms based on real rooms I have seen. However, having a floor plan in front of me is always better than trying to reach inside my addled brain and dig up an image. This is especially true when I need a floor plan for a structure I had not planned for.

A while back I spent some time searching the internet for floor plans and found a few that were useful, However, this took a long time and it seemed that there needed to be a better way.

Catalyst has an a series of adventures on their website called Shadowrun Missions. I don’t plan to run these missions (though they are pretty cool) but under each mission is a collection of “Player Handouts”. These handouts include a number of maps of different locations pertaining to the adventure. While some of these locations are pretty specific, some can easily be used in your own game when you need a bar, coffin hotel, condo, etc.

While this bit of borrowing is probably not necessary for all GMs it certainly makes things easier for me. Obviously some modification will be needed but simply having a floor plan to look at helps me a lot and if you are like me I recommend you head over to the Shadowrun site and take a look!