A Weekend of Games

This weekend was an exceptional one as far as gaming goes. While I did not get the blogging done I would have liked (my game reviews are so backed up now it isn’t funny and before I write them I still want to write about the changes I want to make in the way I review in my Review of Reviews post that I haven’t finished).

I did get the chance to play some new games and several old games. Since the number of different games was fairly high I decided it would be fun to toss a post up here about the games I played from Friday night until Sunday night.

Only one game was played Friday night but that game was Android. I haven’t put a review of this game up yet but let me give you a sneak peak: It’s long!

Saturday on the other hand saw a great deal more diversity. We played Last Night on Earth for the first time (and the second time for that matter), Alhambra for the first few times, Race for the Galaxy three times (with each player winning one game, which was pretty nice since I think we are all pretty good at the game), and Dominion a few times.

On Sunday there was more Alhambra and Race as well as Lord of the Rings and Carcassonne.

A group of pretty good games in my opinion. What games are you playing these days? I would love to hear about them!

    james Says:

    how was last night on earth?

    ojiepat Says:

    Last Night on Earth is just a flavor game in my opinion. It has all the feel of a zombie movie, wrapped up in a mess of randomness. I like my games to hide their randomness a little better then this one does. So while I’ll play it when it gets selected, it won’t be me pulling it off the shelf.

    ojiepat Says:

    I really have to get in on one of the Carcassone games. I haven’t played since you rescued the fun game out from under the Expansion Creep(tm).


    I plan to write a post about Carcassonne soon. I want to discuss all the expansions and then talk about which we use and which we don’t etc. Incidentally it was my wife that actually started us back on Carcassonne. She was tired of people rolling their eyes when she brought it up and started pulling out tiles and rules and just choosing those that were fun.

    As for Last Night on Earth, I liked it a lot (and will talk abut that more in my review) but I can see why it ends up being unappealing for some.


    Aside from Magic, we’ve gotten in a little bit of console gaming plus Settlers of Catan, before that some Brawl and Market of Alturien. In fact I want to write my a review for each of those last two, just have to play Market’s advanced rules to see how they add to the experience.

    Even without any expansions I’m not a huge fan of Carcassonne… but clearly I’m biased, being horrible at the game. Settlers, though, works for me quite well, even when I don’t win (damn you Mike!)


    Not to give too much away concerning the uber post I want to write about Carcassonne and all of its expansions but for me Carcassonne works best when it is a casual game more about watching the pieces come together than winning.

    I’ve kind of realized recently that I enjoy games that are more about being played than about being won. This makes me less interested in games that will constantly wrack my brain and more interested in games with a visual component that can be tracked and enjoyed. Of course, this is also sort of dependent on how fast the game plays as well. Which also ties into some of the expansions for Carcassonne, those that make decisions harder and slow the game down detract from the over all game for me because the other players have nothing to do while a player is taking their turn, as players do not even have a hand of cards (tiles) to be looking over.

    Anyway, more on that soon… or at least soonish.



    You brought up an interesting point (more than one actually); I suspect that beyond surface depth our tastes have a lot in common, but that comment kind of caught my attention as a surface detail that it might appear we differ on.

    “…I enjoy games that are more about being played than about being won.” that kind of segues into the post I plan to write soon.


    Well, I’m glad I made some interesting points. :o)

    This past weekend I got my first taste if Agricola. Which is currently the number one game on BGG. I want to play it a few more times before I do a write up on it (and I have several other games in the Q anyway) but it seems like a decent game. It didn’t blow me away like a couple of the other games I have played recently however. I hope it will get a bit better with more plays and even if it doesn’t I still found the game appealing for the most part.