Amazon Wish List – What Games I’m Looking at and Why

Recently I put together an Amazon Wish List and, lo and behold, it has a bunch of games on it!

The neat thing about the Wish List is that you can rate things from Highest to Lowest priority and while this is generally used to tell your family and friends what gifts you would like to get I found it to be a really interesting exercise trying to rate which games I was most interested in adding to my collection.

This really got me thinking not just about what games I thought looked good but also what games I thought would fit well within the current mentality of the group I play with as well as my own current predilections. There are several things I have been considering when I look at a game and will discuss each of them briefly.

  1. Number of Players – It may seem odd that the number of players a game can handle should be so important to me (while it is #1 that does not mean it is the number one thing I think about but it does come to mind fairly quickly when I look at a new game), but really it is very important as it can prove limiting.

    In general I am primarily interested more in games that can handle five or more players, seeing as I have a normal group that gets together that has five people in it. The importance of being able to handle a fifth player changes slightly based on the type of game it is, as well as if it is something I am getting for the Euro-minded players in my group or for the more chaotic fun-lovers. I feel that games which are meant to be more chaotic should accommodate more players but more strict euro-games can max out at four without causing me to consider overlooking them.

    I have also been interested in two-player games recently as my wife and I have more often taken some time to play games between just the two of us, and thus having a better collection of two-player games comes in handy. While several of the games on my Amazon list only handle four players they were chosen for other reasons.

  2. BGG Rating – While it might seem a bit pretentious or narrow-minded I have put a lot of stock recently into highly rated BGG games. While I can’t say I love every game that is rated highly on their list (I am not a fan of Puerto Rico or Power Grid – though I own them both – for example) I have had much better luck choosing new games since I have been more avidly examining BGG for options. Some of the games on my Amazon list were partially chosen because of their rating on BGG and all of the games have a decent rating.
  3. What My Group Tends to Like – I have quite the mixed bag of gamers that I regularly play with. Some of us are open to almost anything while others prefer fast-paced games with a bit of chaos, and still others prefer steady-paced euro-games. Certain kinds of euro-games tend not to appeal to our group as they do not offer enough options to maintain interest and some types of non-euro games do not appeal because they are too chaotic. Mind you, the group rarely completely agrees on a game and more often recently we have had to take turns choosing games. While making and ordering my Amazon list I certainly added several games which were compared to games I knew had been successful with my group in the past.
  4. Games My Wife Would Like – While this is certainly more important in two player games than in games for more players I still do like to consider what my wife would think of a game when I consider a purchase. Needless to say, I don’t really consider her part of the gaming group but I she does play a lot of games with me and with other members of the group. Recently she has enjoyed Agricola, Dominion, Alhambra, and Race for the Galaxy and she has enjoyed others in the past with one of her all time favorites being Carcassonne. When putting together and ordering my list I paid some attention to games I thought she would try and games I thought she would like.
  5. What My Group Needs – In the end it comes down to this. While what the group likes is very important, sometimes you have to look more into what they need. What I mean by this, is currently our group plays a lot of Agricola and Race for the Galaxy as well as some Shogun and El Grande.

    While all of these are good games it does seem we have been mostly playing euro-games recently and having a bit more zaniness in the mix might be a good thing. This explains why Galaxy Trucker is currently my number-one choice for games and also explains why I decided to rate the new Cosmic Encounter so highly. These are both games I have looked at in the past but I felt that they would add a lot to the current mix of games in our group.

  6. What do you look at when you are thinking about buying a game? Which games on my list do you think don’t belong there or should be increased or decreased in priority? Feel free to comment below!


    In February I wrote a post on my blog thinking about some of the factors I consider when purchasing new games, and your post reminded me of that one. Interesting to see what differences and similarities you find on lists of this type.

    I just stumbled on this blog and have been enjoying your posts quite a bit, keep up the good work!



    Thanks, glad to hear it. You should link to your blog post I would love to check it out.


    Yeah, I had intended to do that in my comment.

    Note this is a multi part post and there are links on the bottom to the other parts.

    Question: I’m considering starting up a regular tabletop games carnival, would you be interested in submitting articles and/or hosting the carnival?



    The last couple weeks have been a nightmare, a lot of crap happening at once and the next month will probably be pretty busy. On the other hand things will be better around mid May. So I guess it really depends on when you would like to work on it as I don’t think I can commit to anything at the moment but if you give me a couple weeks I should be able to.