Attending the Morningtide Pre-release Tournament

Are you excited about the Morningtide Pre-release next week? The two-set Lorwyn block reaches its conclusion, and while I don’t know much about the story of Lorwyn’s Hobbits- uh, I mean, Kithkin… I’m definitely looking forward to the new cards.

I’ll be attending the Morningtide pre-release tournament Saturday the 19th in Hartford, CT. If you’re in the Connecticut area, come try out the new set in a casual-style sealed deck tournament, a sanctioned event run by TJ Collect (yes there will be prizes, everybody gets at least one bonus booster for playing, not to mention the special foil rare). If you live somewhere else, I still recommend hitting the site at Wizards and finding your local pre-release.

Given my, ahem, strong performance at the last Magic pre-release (2-2-0 first flight, 2-1-1 second flight), I’m thinking that you have a fair chance of teaching me something about Magic deckbuilding if you’re paired against me for a round.

Above all the pre-release tournament for each new Magic set is a chance to get the cards early and play against people in a not-super-competitive event. It’s actually the only type of tournament I normally attend, and it is always fun.

See you there!