Recently my life has felt rather chaotic and not in the old “chaotic good” kind of way but more in the “completely confused or disordered” kind of way from I don’t really want to go into my problems, everyone has problems of their own of course, but it did kind of make me think about something I have been missing recently in games: chaos.

I have often stated that I am not much of a eurogamer. I don’t like Puerto Rico or Power Grid all that much and while some eurogames are fun once in a while many of them get on my nerves if they are played too much. Still, recently the most common games to hit our table have been eurogames. Agricola, Alhambra, Shogun, and El Grande are probably the games I have played the most recently, and while I like all of them (some more than others and some only at certain times) I have begun to miss the craziness or chaos of American-style games.

It’s not uncommon for eurogamers to look down on their American-style playing counterparts. Certainly eurogames tend to have a bit more skill in them as the players often have a bit more control over the game. Though I do think that this is not always the case and many eurogames do involve a fair amount of chance (perhaps not in dice but there are still elements beyond the control of any individual player) I am willing to accept this. On the other hand, American games do involve decision-making and thus do (generally) have some kind of skill element as well.

However one thing I rarely see in a eurogame, probably because it is deliberately limited by their design, is chaos. Those crazy “ooh ah” moments that happen in other games. I miss these moments. While I am certain some gamers hate these moments as generally someone is getting screwed by them (and I am sure when I am the one getting screwed I am not always thrilled by them), I still feel that they are part of gaming for me and they are a part of gaming I have been missing.

I have already talked about the kinds of games I placed on my Amazon wish list, why those games are there, and why I ordered them the way I did. I am certain that in addition to what I wrote before, a need for more chaos was also a factor.

So, because things have been a bit crazy recently, I have not found a ton of time to write. Still, I wanted to chime in on this and hopefully soon things will calm down and I will be able to write more about how certain things are more chaotic or not chaotic enough.


    Sometimes life hits you with the unexpected.