Commentary! The Musical

For any of you fans of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog I recommend checking out Commentary! The Musical. While the actual commentary (the non-musical version) on the DVD will certainly give you more insight into the production (I’m never certain to what to call it… “show”, “film” etc.) the musical version, again simply called Commentary! The Musical, is quite funny and gives you the feeling of knowing these people in some intimate way.

Anyway, I know this is off topic but I was having some trouble tracking down the lyrics for Commentary! and so I thought I would post a link so anyone else who was having trouble would have it. So click here and read the words to the first musical Commentary! I have ever seen! Most specifically I think people should read the lyrics to Heart, Broken which is a very interesting song for Joss to decide to include.

    chainsawash Says:

    I watched Dr. Horrible when it was free, then bought the episodes on iTunes, then got 3 copies of the DVD (one for me and two as gifts!) The musical commentary is in some ways better than the show (film? artform?) and Heart, Broken is a perfect example of this. Joss is amazing, and I don’t understand why he doesn’t tell Fox to f-off and make the jump to a cable channel like TNT who actually give their shows a chance to find an audience. It will be interesting to see what happens with Dollhouse.


    As I understand it, Joss had a contract for three shows with Fox. Firefly being the first and Dollhouse being the second so he wont be free of Mr. Murdock for at least one more show even after Dollhouse is inevitably ruined by the ogres that brought you Temptation Island.


    For the record, and with all due respect to Mr. Whedon and company, his is NOT the first musical DVD commentary. I directed the real estate musical movie “Open House” a couple years ago and WE did the first musical DVD commentary. Check it out on Netflix or buy it on Amazon. Now then, if Mr. Whedon wants to claim to have done the BEST musical DVD commentary, that’s another matter entirely.


    I’m not entirely certain he did claim it to be the first. However, one of the lines in Commentary was “we’ll make this the best musical commentary ever!”.