Cthulutech – Wacky New Offering from Catalyst

Heading over to the Shadowrun site to try and figure out why my pulped tree version of the Runner’s Companion wasn’t in yet I discovered Catalyst’s newest product with an apparent street date of October 14th: Cthulhutech.

I must admit that at first seeing this I found it laughable. “Come on,” I thought. “You can’t mix mystical stuff with technology and get a good game. I mean… oh… right.” So, yeah it worked for Shadowrun but Cthulhu and with big flying robots? That’s just wacky. Still, it does seem like it might be cool but certainly depends on the system.

The system is apparently the Framewerk system. A quick search didn’t find a heck of a lot about this system but I did find the following on their site:

“Gone are the days that hobbyists wanted intricate, complex mechanics in their games. Simple, intuitive systems like White Wolf’s Storyteller or Eden Studios’ Unisystem are now the order of the day. Even Wizards of the Coast’s d20 has been streamlined from its more complicated days.

Framewerk, the proprietary system upon which CthulhuTech is built, is not only simple and intuitive, it is cinematic, exciting, and puts destiny back in the hands of the player. Its easy to grasp nature makes the game straightforward to learn and quick to start. Its clever dice mechanics make even the simplest of task resolutions exciting.”

I sort of found it funny since Catalyst primary game at the moment is far from simple or “straightforward to learn”. It seems like a bit of a strange choice for Catalyst to me but perhaps the link is the fact that both games deal with magic and tech and of course… big robots.


    I suspect CthulhuTech has as much to do with Battletech. Although it looks like this time around Catalyst is the publisher but Wildfire is the actual developer, so the mechs and name could just be coincidence.

    Cthulhu menace + giant robots? I don’t exactly know how to feel about that right now. But I will say the art is nice and horror-tinged science fiction is an under-exploited genre for role playing. The Space Master/Role Master Dark Space book was one of my favorites, at least setting-wise… and come to think of it, they did echo Cthulhu a bit in the Vlathachna threat. So maybe I’ll take a look when CthulhuTech is in stores.