D&D Controllers: Wizards and Druids and Invokers Oh My!

Recently the preview for the Druid went up and I commented briefly on that, and today we now have the preview for the Invoker.

The Invoker is a divine controller designed to represent a more primal cleric, that is a follower of a god who is closer to that god than a cleric or paladin would be. Primal is a really bad term here I suppose as it invokes the power source Primal, and again the Invoker uses the Divine source.

From the powers listed over at Wizards.com I like the look of the Invoker. It seems to do more damage than a wizard but perhaps has less area-effect abilities. One of the Invoker builds seems geared more toward being a Controller/Leader and does a good job of providing protection to allies, which I find interesting. All in all, I like it but I would like almost anything that came out and said “Controller” on it.

One of my biggest complaints when they first released the Player’s Handbook was the inclusion of only one Controller. I like the basic Wizard as much as the next wimpy kid who always wished he could use magic to protect himself, but having it as the only option seems rather foolish. The designers created roles so that it would be easier to put a group together.

When a player says they are making a fighter you get a general idea of what they are building and even if they build a fighter more geared toward damage that character can still mark things as it is a basic ability of the class. Thus, having only one controller and making the game such that a controller is an important aspect of the battles creates the issue where some player is pressured to bring in a Wizard as the only option.

I have gone off on this rant before so I’ll just end it there. Essentially I am glad to see that they are adding more controllers to the game and I feel it is a rather large oversight that they only released one originally.

So, if you have an account make sure to check out The Invoker and let me know what you think!