D&D: Druid Preview

I know a lot of people were really excited to see what they did with the Barbarian while others were pretty thrilled when they released the Bard but personally I think the Druid could be the most exciting of the bunch.

Why? Well, first of all the idea of shape shifting in 4th Ed. intrigues me and should interest the rest of you who play as well. The reason for this is that they are trying very hard to balance the game, so seeing what they would do with something that was so open-ended and wonky in 3.5 is exciting.

How did they handle it? Essentially druids have a “Beast Form” rather than specific beasts. Perhaps not as interesting in some ways but certainly far less chaotic. However, even more exciting than the “fixing” of shape shift is the fact that we get to see another controller! The inclusion of a single controller is, I think, one of the more major failings of the initial release and it feels really good to know we only have a few more months before we get another option.

What is the Druid? Well, as I already said it’s a Controller but, as seems to be their new path, it can have a secondary role as either a Leader or Striker. Honestly, I’m only disappointed with the Druid because it is very close (at least as far as its beast form goes) to the way I would have liked to see the Monk built. It is a melee controller that has a lot of burst abilities and slow abilities, along with abilities that can give other people combat advantage. These things would have, in my opinion, been excellent for the Monk.

I don’t know if the Monk’s role has been confirmed yet but I will keep hoping for another controller, though with this new information it seems even more likely that they will simply make yet another martial striker and make my group very sad.

So, check out the Druid, I think it’s actually open to everyone!


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