D&D Insider Update

In case you missed it (I did at first since it isn’t under the normal Features. Dungeon, or Dragon tabs) Wizards has announced some more information about D & D Insider.

According to the post the Character Builder and the Character Visualizer are almost finished and will be available for testing by players at GenCon. They also briefly discussed other aspects of D&DI but didn’t go into much more detail than they have previously.

I found this statement about the Dungeon Builder disturbing: “The current version of the Dungeon Builder is mostly done, but it’s only truly useful if you have the Game Table so you can load up your dungeon and see it, 3D terrain tiles and all.” I personally was very much looking forward to making nice-looking dungeons which could easily be shared with others using this tool. From the sound of this, it may not (at least at first) be possible.

They also mentioned pricing and said that the cost of the tools would be less than initially announced, at least until all of the tools and materials are available. This has been a hot button issue as many people find the $15 monthly charge they initially mentioned to be far too much for services they are offering. I have stayed pretty neutral on this, as I think it could go either way, depending on how well implemented everything ends up being. I do plan on purchasing Insider when it first comes out, but I have promised my wife I will cancel it if I don’t end up making use of it.

So, check out what they are planning. It took them a couple months just to get us this tidbit of information but I guess it’s better than nothing.


    While I’m not interested in D&D specifically, some of this stuff is cool and good news for the gaming community in general, as far as what it represents. Obviously many aspects of our lives are being integrated with computers and the net (no, not The Net), and I’m interested in seeing how one of the leading companies in the gaming industry is shepherding the transition. Others will follow, and learn from the mistakes (and successes) in the trail blazed by Wizards.