D&D Tiny Adventures

If your into silly little Facebook games you should check out D&D Tiny Adventures.

There’s a link to the application on Digital Insider #3, but you need to be pre-signed into Facebook for the link to work. The game kind of reminds me of the old BBS game Red Dragon Inn except, that my rolls are as poor as they are in real life.

So, if you’re bored and want something mildly amusing to occupy your time, check it out!


    I killed a giant rat in Tiny Adventures. It made me sad. 🙁

    Joe Says:

    Checking it out now!

    Joe Says:

    Started plugging away at it.

    It is good so far, just takes a little long and my character keeps dying.
    I am looking forward to Level 3 or soi when I can perhaps stop failing so much.


    I believe the BBS game you’re referring to is in fact Legend of the Red Dragon, though I too seemed to recall the name “Red Dragon Inn”, perhaps because you spent most of your time at the Inn?


    Yes, it was Legend of the Red Dragon. Red Dragon Inn was the AOL chat room for in character role playing and is also a new board game.

    Joe Says:

    Tiny Adventures is down currently. I think it became more popular than they had expected and caused technical difficulties.