D&DI Exlusive Content

Today Wizards announced some new stuff coming soon to D&D Insider. In addition to the (already mentioned) Players Handbook 3 content that will be pre-released on D&D Insider, the insider will have an exclusive race and an exclusive class that, according to Bill Slavicsek, will never appear in any book.

The exclusive race is the Revenant. In the grand tradition of The Crow you will soon (June 15th according to the article) be able to play a dead guy back for some kind of revenge.

The exclusive class is slightly more intriguing. The class is the Assassin. While I generally dislike classes that have such specificity about them at least in this case I am interested in what they have planned. I am interested because they claim they have a power source planned for it. I admit that it seems to me to be a martial class and feels as though it should be a paragon path for the rogue rather than a class all its own. I’ll withhold judgment until September when the class is released.

All talk about the Character Visualizer, the Dungeon Builder and the Game Table seems to have disappeared from the site and I suspect that these little bonuses are their attempt to keep people interested in D&DI. I am disappointed that they are seemingly no longer working on a dungeon builder, as an official map program would have been really nice but the loss of the other two is secondary. For the most part, we will just have to wait and see.