D&DI – Time to Pay the Piper

Dungeons and Dragons Insider stopped being a “free action” on October 15th. You can find the article about their launch here. I know a lot of people, myself included were dreading this day but after only a couple of days of hemming an hawing I broke down and payed up.

While many, in fact most, of the promised services are not yet available they did lower the price to compensate for this fact. The main thing people will be paying for at this point seems to be Dungeon Magazine and Dragon Magazine. I’m a bit old fashioned in some ways and thus would prefer to pay money for actual paper versions of these magazines rather than purchase them online but the price isn’t terrible even if this is all you’re getting.

Certainly not all of the articles will be of interest of every reader but it seems DMs will find new and useful rules on a fairly regular basis. Today for example they have an article up about Gladiators.

At first I shrugged, since I wasn’t really planning on running a gladiator game any time soon but then I decided it looked interesting and once I paid for my subscription I was presently surprised. The article has rules for nets, bolas and whips in it and at first glance the rules seem pretty cool. It also has a lot of new feats in addition to the rules specifically included for playing a gladiator. In other words, the article is useful for a wider variety of players than it would first appear to be.

One thing I think anyone interested in D&DI should take note of is this: “If you buy 12 months of web content at $4.95 per month then you will get 12 months of web content at $4.95 per month, no matter what we decide to do with our pricing in the future.” In other words, if before the end of the year the price goes up because of additional content being added your price is still locked in (seeing as you have already paid the price up front it only makes sense).

Has anyone else subscribed? Do you have any opinions on how worthwhile it is? Let me know!

    David Says:

    I was thinking of getting (and I still may), but I feel like I want to wait for the character generator to be released. I know they are going to have a free one to use, so I may wait to check it out and see if it’s worth the price, but then again, maybe just the articles will be worth it. Dunno yet. We’ll see.